The Online Subdivision Service is a convenient and affordable way to divide your land. This service is offered by the government and allows citizens to subdivide their land online.

To use the Online Subdivision Service, you will need to contact a Village Surveyor. The Village Surveyor will help you gather the necessary paperwork and submit your application to the Tahsildar. The Tahsildar will then review your application and approve or deny it.

If your application is approved, the Tahsildar will issue a Subdivision Certificate. This certificate is a legal document that gives you the right to subdivide your land. You can then use the Subdivision Certificate to obtain a building permit, develop a commercial property, or divide land among heirs.

The process flow for online subdivision is as follows:

  1. The citizen submits an application to the Digital Assistant.
  2. The Digital Assistant verifies the application and forwards it to the Village Surveyor.
  3. The Village Surveyor conducts a survey of the land and prepares a report.
  4. The report is forwarded to the Mandal Surveyor. and  reviews the report and makes a recommendation to the Tahsildar.
  5. The Tahsildar approves or denies the application.

This service is meant for online sub division service in Re Survey completed villages only.


The User Ids (Login Ids) of Village Surveyors, Mandal Surveyors and Tahsildars are attached herewith.

  1. VS Login:  vs#VVV@     (Example:   vs#013@)
  2. MS Login: ms#DDMM@   (Example: ms#0637@)
    Tahsildar Login: tah#DDMM@   (Example:  tah#1232@)
  • VVV—-> Village code
  • DDMM—-> district and mandal codes

After login, set new password later it shows profile update window
You have to enter only alphabetical keys in user name, Then fill designation,email, contact and click update.

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