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volunteer details and directions for sachivalayam

The Municipality of Vijayawada (Bezawada) was constituted on 1st APR, 1888 and was upgraded as a selection grade municipality in the year 1960. The municipality was upgraded to a corporation in 1981. With the merger of Gunadala, Patamata and Bhavanipuram village panchayats and two villages payakapuram and Kundavari kandrika in the corporation in 1985. The total area of the corporation is 61.88 sq.kms.

The city is divided into 64 political wards. An elected body headed by the Mayor performs the Administration of the Corporation. The Commissioner acts as the executive head, and oversees the day to day functioning of the local body.

Parks & Open Spaces

Vijayawada Municipal Corporation takes care of 4 city level parks and 45 fenced & 35 unfenced open spaces. It regularly takes up avenue tree plantation projects and greenery development programmes. 50 Neighbourhood parks developed by the corporation are maintained by park committees specially formed for this scheme.

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