Vijayawada New Government General Hospital

Vijayawada New Government General Hospital

The Vijayawada GGH, also known as the Government General Hospital, is a major medical facility in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. It has two main locations:

  • Old Government Hospital: Located on Old Bus Stand Road, Hanumanpet.
  • New Government Hospital: Located on NH 16 Service Road, beside NTR Health University, Gunadala.

Vijayawada Government General Hospital (GGH) Departments List

1. General Medicine

  1. Cardiology: Diagnoses and treats heart conditions.
  2. Dermatology: Addresses skin, hair, and nail issues.
  3. Endocrinology: Manages hormonal imbalances and related disorders.
  4. Gastroenterology: Focuses on digestive system diseases.
  5. General Surgery: Performs various surgical procedures.
  6. Nephrology: Deals with kidney diseases and treatments.
  7. Neurology: Specializes in nervous system disorders.
  8. Obstetrics & Gynecology: Provides prenatal care, childbirth services, and women’s health management.
  9. Oncology: Treats cancer and related conditions.
  10. Ophthalmology: Handles eye diseases and vision correction.
  11. Orthopaedics: Manages musculoskeletal disorders and injuries.
  12. Otorhinolaryngology (ENT): Treats ear, nose, and throat ailments.
  13. Pediatrics: Cares for children’s health needs.
  14. Psychiatry: Addresses mental health concerns.
  15. Pulmonology: Focuses on lung diseases and respiratory issues.
  16. Urology: Deals with urinary tract and reproductive system conditions.

2. Other Specialized Departments

  • Anaesthesia: Provides pain management during surgeries and procedures.
  • Biochemistry: Analyzes blood and other body fluids for diagnostic purposes.
  • Blood Bank: Manages blood donations and transfusions.
  • Dentistry: Offers dental care and treatments.
  • Microbiology: Studies microorganisms and their role in disease.
  • Pathology: Examines tissues and organs for diagnosis.
  • Radiology: Uses imaging techniques for diagnosis and treatment planning.
  • Rehabilitation Medicine: Helps patients regain functional abilities after illness or injury.

3. Additional Services

  • Accident & Emergency Department (24/7): Provides immediate care for critical situations.
  • Ambulance Services: Transports patients in need of emergency medical attention.
  • Blood Donation Center: Encourages blood donations to support patients.
  • Cafeteria: Offers meals and refreshments for patients and visitors.
  • Chemists Shop: Provides essential medicines and healthcare products.
  • Pharmacy: Dispenses prescribed medications to patients.

Vijayawada Government General Hospital doctors list

Unfortunately, the Vijayawada government hospital doctors list on website doesn’t list the complete doctor directory, and no information is available online

Vijayawada Government General Hospital phone number (contact number)

Old Government Hospital:

  • Main : +91-866-245-2244

New Government Hospital:

  • Main : +91-866-247-0100
  • 24/7 Helpline: +91-636-653-0173 (This number is specifically for appointments and general inquiries)

Vijayawada Government General Hospital appointment

In-Person Booking:

  • You can visit the hospital’s Medical Superintendent office or the specific department you wish to consult with. This option might be suitable if you prefer face-to-face interaction.

Here are some additional things to keep in mind:

  • Appointment availability: Appointments might get booked quickly, especially for popular departments. Consider booking in advance, especially if you have a specific doctor in mind.
  • Emergency care: The GGH has a 24/7 emergency department that caters to urgent cases. You don’t need an appointment for emergency care.
  • Documentation: Bring your Aadhaar card or other valid government-issued ID when visiting the hospital for your appointment.

vijayawada government hospital OP timings

General OP Timings:

  • Morning: 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM (both Old and New GGH)
  • Afternoon: 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM (New GGH only)

A dedicated out-patient (OP) wing has been opened at the Government General Hospital (GGH) under the Employees’ Health Scheme (EHS) to provide improved healthcare services.

  • Operating hours: 10 am to 1 pm, Monday to Saturday.
  • Specializations:
    • Monday: Gastroenterology
    • Tuesday: General Medicine
    • Wednesday: Heart and Kidney
    • Thursday: Neurology and Bones
    • Friday: Skin Diseases
    • Saturday: Lungs and General Medicine

Employee contributions to the EHS scheme range from Rs 225 to Rs 300 per month, depending on their pay scale.

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