Sri Murali Biography Family New Movies List

Who is the Sri Murali Biography Family New Movies List

Srii murali wasn’t just born in Bangalore on December 17, 1981, he was born into a family where film was practically a birthright. His father, S. A. Chinne Gowda, was a film producer, and his brother, Vijay Raghavendra, an actor. The legendary Rajkumar, the “King of Kannada Cinema,” was his uncle, and actors Shiva Rajkumar and Puneeth Rajkumar, his cousins. This cinematic lineage wasn’t just a legacy.


Full Name Sriimurali

Date of Birth (Age)

December 17, 1981 (42 years)

Place of Birth Bangalore Karnataka India

Actor, Film Producer


S. A. Chinne Gowda (Film Producer)


Vijay Raghavendra (Actor)


Vidya (Married 2008)


Agastya (Son, born 2009), Atheeva (Daughter, born 2014)

Film Debut Chandra Chakori (2003)

Notable Films

Kanti (2004), Ugramm (2014), Raj Vishnu (2017), Bharaate (2019), Madhagaja (2021)

Upcoming Movies


Who is Sri Murali wife?

In 2008, Sriimurali found his own love story, marrying Vidya, a Telugu woman from Andhra. Together, they built a beautiful family, with their son Agastya arriving in 2009, and daughter Atheeva following in 2014. Interesting twist of fate, Vidya happens to be the sister of Prashanth Neel, a renowned director in Kannada cinema. It seems the cinematic thread truly runs deep in Sriimurali’s life!

His wife, Vidya, a beautiful Telugu woman, their bond enriched by two adorable children. Their son, Agastya, brings energy and laughter to their home, while their daughter, Atheeva, adds a touch of sunshine with her infectious smile.

Early Steps and Struggle

Sriimurali’s cinematic journey began in 2003 with the romantic drama “Chandra Chakori.” His performance received praise, and the film tasted success, offering a promising start. He followed it up with “Kanti,” set against the backdrop of a border dispute, where he played a college student caught in a political storm. This critical darling earned him the prestigious Karnataka State Film Award for Best Actor.

However, not all was smooth sailing. Films like “Yashwanth,” “Siddu,” and “Shambu” didn’t fare well at the box office. Despite taking on diverse roles, Sriimurali faced a period of disappointment with several consecutive flops.

A Turning Point and Rise to Stardom

That all changed in 2014 with the arrival of “Ugramm.” This action drama, written by his brother-in-law Prashanth Neel, became a turning point in Sriimurali’s career. After a painstaking four-year production, the film marked Neel’s directorial debut and saw Sriimurali transform into the gritty, protective mechanic Agastya. Critics raved about his performance, praising his newfound intensity and action prowess.

Sriimurali's Filmography (Movies List)

2003 - 2014

  • Chandra Chakori (2003)
  • Kanti (2004)
  • Yashwanth (2005)
  • Siddu (2006)
  • Shambu (2007)
  • Preethigaagi (2007)
  • Minchina Ota (2008)
  • Manasare (2009)
  • Nanna Preethiya Kusuma (2010)
  • Kediri (2010)
  • Jodi Hakki (2011)
  • Mukha Mukhi (2012)
  • Brindavana Siri (2013)
  • Dhol Bajaa (2014)

2014 - Present

  • Ugramm (2014)
  • Raj Vishnu (2017)
  • Bharaate (2019)
  • Mufti (2017)
  • Madhagaja (2021)
  • Bagheera (2024) (upcoming)

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