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AP Government launched the YSR Matsyakar Bharosa program to provide financial support and assistance to fishermen and their families in the state.



To Provide relief to marine sea going fishermen (here in called as crew) for sustaining the livelihood during the ban/lean period of marine fishing.

The Marine fishing ban relief of Rs. 10,000/- (ten thousand) per eligible family lump sum paid through DBT scheme to the beneficiary bank account during ban period of concerned year.

ysr matsyakara Bharosa benefits

As part of the YSR Matsyakara Bharosa Scheme, between the ages of 21-60 years will receive financial relief of Rs. 10,000 each during the period of April to June every year.

In addition, the scheme also provides an subsidy on diesel from Rs. 6.03 to Rs. 9 per liter for 10 months of the year, applicable to both automated (3000 liters) and mechanized vessels (300 liters).

The ex gratia amount provided to the families of fishermen who died while fishing has been increased from Rs. 5 lakh to Rs. 10 lakh. This increase is applicable only to fishermen aged between 18 and 60 years old.

Eligibility Criteria

The applicant must have fishing as their primary occupation and must be a resident of the state of Andhra Pradesh.

InEligibility Criteria​

  • The beneficiary should not be covered in any other Government DBT schemes like Archakas, Chedodu, Raithu Bharosa, Vidya Deevina, Vasati Deevina, Vahana Mitra, Kapu Nestham, Nethanna Nestham, Pastor, YSR Cheyutha and any other type of schemes and any Pensions.
  • Age group between 18 to 60 years are eligible to get relief. (As on 31.03.2023), where as fishermen benefitting under fishermen pension scheme are not eligible.
  • Total family income should not exceed to Rs. 1,20,000/- in rural area and Rs. 1,44,000/- urban areas per annum.
  • The total land holding of the family should not exceed 3 acres Magnai or 10 acres Metta or 10 acres of both.
  • Any one among the family members if owning a 4-wheeler (own registration) is not eligible. However, the family owning Taxi, tractor, Auto are eligible for this benefit.
  • The monthly Electricity utility (own or rented house) should not exceed 300 units for the family (the average consumption of electricity of highest 6 months of 12 months will be taken into consideration).
  • In Municipal area, the family with house site more than 1000sq. ft are not eligible.
  • Any one among the family members employed in any Government/Semi Government (Home guards, SERP-HR & MSHR, MEPMA,APCOS & any other corporations are full time vage or salary takers of any cooperative society/Federation) service or getting Govt, pension (post retirement) are not eligible.
  • Any one among the family member is paying income tax is not eligible.
However only one person will be benefitted from one family by considering the House Hold as a unit. and House Hold is treated as family.

Documents Required

  • Boat registration certificate and fishing licence copy (to be produce by boat owner)
  • AADHAR Card copy of all Crew
  • Rice card of all crew
  • Bank account details (pass book page copy) of all crew

how to claim ysr matsyakara Bharosa insurance

  1. In case of accidental deaths or permanent disability, the victim fisher families must submit proposals in the prescribed manner along with relevant documents. The Village Fisheries Assistants and AIF/FDO concerned shall facilitate this process.

  2. The Village Secretariat will verify the proposals received and recommend them to the concerned District Fisheries Officer through the concerned VFA/AIF/FDO/Divisional Officer.

  3. The field level officers AIF/FDO/Divisional Fisheries Officer should verify the proposals at the field level and recommend the eligible applications along with all relevant documents duly certifying the genuineness of the incidents to the DFO concerned.

  4. The DFO will forward the application to the Labour Department through SERP to process the application and make payment of ex-gratia as per eligibility.

  5. The DFO should forward one set of application along with relevant documents to the Commissioner of Fisheries, AP., Vijayawada for verification and process the application.

  6. The H.O. will scrutinize the proposal as per the guidelines and sanction the Department share of ex-gratia to the legal heirs of deceased/victim fishers for permanent disability as the case may be.

  7. The ex-gratia amount to victim fisher family/victim fisher should be transferred through DBT through online payment.

  8. After transferring the ex-gratia to victim family/victim fishers through DBT, the DFO should inform the details of ex-gratia sanctioned and released in the form of a letter to victim family/victim fishers, village secretariats, concerned MLA, and other public representatives.

  9. AIF/FDO/Divisional Officer and DFO should maintain the records with all the details of ex-gratia processed and sanctioned for sharing the information as and when required by the higher authorities.

  10. The payment of ex-gratia to victim family/victim fishers should be done in the most transparent and accountable manner without giving any scope for misappropriation, adverse comments or allegations.

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