What are the different types of workers or Labour in India

India has a large and diverse workforce, with workers employed in a wide range of industries and occupations. The following are some of the main types of workers in India:

  • Unorganized sector workers make up the majority of the workforce in India, accounting for over 90% of all workers. They are employed in small, informal businesses that are not covered by labor laws. Unorganized sector workers often have low wages, poor working conditions, and limited access to social security benefits.
  • Organized sector workers are employed in large, formal businesses that are covered by labor laws. They typically have higher wages, better working conditions, and greater access to social security benefits than unorganized sector workers. However, organized sector jobs are relatively scarce in India, and only a small percentage of the workforce is employed in this sector.
  • Self-employed workers make up a significant portion of the workforce in India, accounting for over 20% of all workers. They are self-employed in a variety of businesses, including agriculture, retail, and services. Self-employed workers often have low incomes and limited access to social security benefits.
  • Migrant workers are workers who move from one region to another in search of work. They are often employed in low-wage, unskilled jobs in the construction, manufacturing, and agricultural sectors. Migrant workers often face discrimination and exploitation, and they may have difficulty accessing basic services such as education and healthcare.
What are the types of workers or Labour in India

Agriculture and allied activities

  1. Agricultural Labor
  2. Coconut Industry
  3. Farmers with less than 5 acres of dry land and 2.5 acres of wet land
  4. Dairy Industry (Old)
  5. Nurseries
  6. Fisheries
  7. Forest Products
  8. Gardens (Horticulture)
  9. Sericulture

Building and construction works

  1. Excavation and Earthworks
  2. Interior Design
  3. NREGS (National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme) Workers in Construction
  4. Reinforcement Rod Bending
  5. Sand and Aggregate Quarries
  6. Centring Works (Formwork)
  7. Concrete Mixing
  8. Masonry
  9. Bricklaying and Stone Masonry
  10. Carpentry
  11. Painting and Decorating
  12. Other Building and Construction Works
  13. Borewell Drilling
  14. Irrigation and Water Storage Works
  15. Industrial Vehicle Operators
  16. Stone Breaking and Crushing
  17. Electrical and Transmission Works
  18. Road, Rail, Air, and Water Transport Construction
  19. Sanitary Works
  20. Electrical, Telephone, and TV Line Installations
  21. Electricians
  22. Plumbing
  23. Pipeline Installation
  24. Welding

Government schemes and honorarium workers

  1. Asha Workers
  2. Data Entry Operators and Other Outsourced/Contract Workers
  3. Arogya Mitra and Bima Mitra Personnel
  4. Anganwadi Workers
  5. Personnel working in 104 and Seva Trust
  6. SERP (Society for Elimination of Rural Poverty) and MEPMA (Mission for Elimination of Poverty in Municipal Areas) Staff
  7. Vidya Volunteers

Hamalies (loading and unloading) workers

  1. Workers in State and Central Warehouses (Overseas and Domestic)
  2. Port Workers (Hamals)
  3. Loading and Unloading Workers in Various Locations
  4. Workers in Market Yards, Bazaars, Warehouses, and Factories (Hamals)
  5. Workers in Railway Stations, Parcel Offices, and Bus Stands (Hamals)


  1.  Hair Cutting Services
  2.  Other Artisans
  3. Beauty Parlors
  4. Goldsmiths
  5. Pottery
  6. Panniers
  7. Laundry Services (Dhobi)
  8. Handloom Weaving
  9. Blacksmithing


  1. Other Self-Employed Individuals
  2. Rickshaw Pullers
  3. Tribal Laborers
  4. Cart Vendors
  5. Small Article Manufacturers
  6. Sanitation Workers
  7. Beedi and Cigar Workers
  8. Retailers
  9. Street Vendors
  10. Toddy Tappers
  11. Tailors
  12. Artists
  13. Garbage Collectors
  14. Small Mechanics
  15. Goods Transportation Workers

Service sector

  1. Commission-based Service Providers for Goods Delivery and More
  2. Domestic Workers
  3. Caregivers for the Sick and Elderly
  4. Courier Delivery Personnel
  5. Office and Shop Cleaners

Shops and other establishments

  1. Support Staff in Private Schools, Hostels, etc.
  2. Employees in Private Hospitals
  3. Shop Workers
  4. Mine Workers
  5. Staff in Cinema Halls and Hotels

Transport industry

  1. Other Workers in the Transportation Industry
  2. Rickshaw Pullers and Drivers
  3. Auto Taxi Drivers and Others in the Transportation Sector
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