tspsc group 3 notification syllabus result pdf

tspsc group 3 notification syllabus result

TSPSC Group 3 Recruitment 2023 has announced a new notification on its official website, tspsc.gov.in. Candidates can now apply online for various Group 3 posts, with information such as exam pattern, syllabus, and important dates available on the site. The announcement was made on 30th December 2022.

Name of the RecruitmentTSPSC Group 3 Recruitment 2023
Name of the PostsJunior Assistant, Junior Accountant, Typist Etc
No.of Vacancies1363
Age Limit18-44 years
Official Websitehttp://tspsc.gov.in/
Notification Date30th December 2022
Selection processWritten Exam
Skill Test
Documents Verification
Registrations24-01-2023 to 23-02-2023
Written exam dateJuly/August 2023
Admit CardTo be notified
The following posts are included in the TSPSC Group 3 services or department:
  1. Endowment Services
  2. Chief Commissioner of Land Administration (CCLA) Department
  3. Home Department
  4. Panchayat Raj Department
  5. Disaster Response And Fire Services
  6. CID Department
  7. Intelligence Department
  8. Commissioner Of State Tax Department
S. No.Name of the postNo. of vacancies
1.Senior Accountant, Govt. Life Insurance HOD, (Finance Dept)14
2.Senior Accountant (Local Cadre), Govt. Life Insurance HOD, (Finance Dept)34
3.Auditor, Pay and Accounts Officer HOD, (Finance Dept)126
4.Senior Accountant, Treasuries and Accounts HOD, (Finance Dept)140
5.Senior Accountant (Zonal), Treasuries and Accounts HOD, (Finance Dept)248
6.Senior Auditor, State Audit HOD, (Finance Dept)61
7.Assistant Auditor, Pay and Accounts Officer HOD, (Finance Dept)23
8.Junior Assistant, Agriculture HOD, (Agriculture and Co-Operation Dept.)03
9.Junior Assistant, Director of Marketing HOD, (Agriculture and Co-Operation Dept.)01
10.Junior Assistant, Horticulture HOD, (Agriculture and Co-Operation Dept.)01
11.Junior Assistant (HO), Telangana State Seed and Organic Certification Authority, (Agriculture and Co-Operation Dept.)11
12.Junior Assistant (HO), Ware House Corporation (Agriculture and Co-Operation Dept.)11
13.Junior Assistant, Fisheries HOD, (Animal Husbandry, Dairy Development Fisheries Dept.)02
14.Junior Assistant, Backward Classes Welfare HOD, (Backward Classes Welfare Dept.)01
15.Junior Assistant (HO), Mahatma Jyothiba Phule Telangana Backward Classes Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society, (Backward Classes Welfare Dept)26
16.Junior Assistant, Chief Electrical Inspector to Government HOD, (Energy Dept.)02
17.Junior Assistant, Principal Chief Conservator of Forest HOD, (Environment, Forest, S T Dept.)02
18.Junior Assistant (HO), Telangana State Pollution Control Board (Environment, Forest, S T Dept.)05
19.Junior Assistant, Director of Works Accounts HOD, (Finance Dept.)05
20.Junior Assistant, Civil Supplies HOD, (Food Civil Supplies Dept.)15
21.Junior Assistant (HO), Legal Metrology, (Food Civil Supplies Dept.)01
22.Junior Assistant, Anti-Corruption Bureau HOD, (General Administration Dept.)01
23.Junior Assistant, Information Public Relations HOD, (General Administration Dept.)07
24.Junior Assistant, MCR HRD Institute HOD, (General Administration Dept.)07
25.Junior Assistant, Public Service Commission HOD, (General Administration Dept.)30
26.Junior Assistant, Special Commissioner Telangana Bhavan, New Delhi HOD, (General Administration Dept.)01
27.Junior Assistant, Department of Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha Homeopathy (Ayush) HOD, (Health, Medical Family Welfare Dept.)03
28.Junior Assistant, Director of Public Health and Family Welfare HOD, (Health, Medical Family Welfare Dept.)04
29.Junior Assistant, Drugs Control Admn HOD, (Health, Medical Family Welfare Dept.)04
30.Junior Assistant, Institute of Preventive Medicine HOD, (Health, Medical Family Welfare Dept.)01
31.Junior Assistant (HO), Kaloji Narayana Rao University of Health Science, Warangal, (Health, Medical Family Welfare Dept.)01
32.Junior Assistant (HO), M.N.J. Institute of Oncology and Regional Cancer Centre, Hyderabad, (Health, Medical Family Welfare Dept.)05
33.Junior Assistant (HO), Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences (Health, Medical Family Welfare Dept.)20
34.Junior Assistant (HO), Telangana State Medical Services Infrastructure Development Corporation, (Health, Medical Family Welfare Dept.)01
35.Junior Assistant, (HO), Archives and District Gazetters (Higher Education Dept.)01
36.Junior Assistant (HO), Archives Tarnaka (Higher Education Dept.)03
37.Junior Assistant, Collegiate Education HOD, (Higher Education Dept.)02
38.Junior Assistant, Intermediate Education HOD, (Higher Education Dept.)07
39.Junior Assistant (HO), Oriental Manuscripts, (Higher Education Dept.)01
40.Junior Assistant, State Board of Technical Education and Training HOD, (Higher Education Dept.)11
41.Junior Assistant, Technical Education HOD, (Higher Education Dept.)12
42.Junior Assistant (HO), Telangana State Board of Intermediate Education, (Higher Education Dept.)52
43.Junior Assistant (HO), D.G. Special Protection Force, (Home Dept.)02
44.Junior Assistant, Director General Inspector General of Police HOD, (Home Dept.)23
45.Junior Assistant, Intelligence Dept, DG IG of Police HOD, (Home Dept.)14
46.Junior Assistant, CID, DG IG of Police HOD, (Home Dept.)11
47.Junior Assistant, TS FSL, DG IG of Police HOD, (Home Dept.)01
48.Junior Assistant, PTO, DG IG of Police HOD, (Home Dept.)01
49.Junior Assistant, Greyhounds, DG IG of Police HOD, (Home Dept.)05
50.Junior Assistant, Octopus, DG IG of Police HOD, (Home Dept.)02
51.Junior Assistant, TS Police Academy, DG IG of Police HOD, (Home Dept.)01
52.Junior Assistant, Technical Services ITC, DG IG of Police HOD, (Home Dept.)01
53.Junior Assistant, Director General of Prison and Correctional Services HOD, (Home Dept.)03
54.Junior Assistant, Prosecutions HOD, (Home Dept.)01
55.Junior Assistant, Sainik Welfare HOD, (Home Dept.)01
56.Junior Assistant, Commerce and Export Promotion HOD, (Industries and Commerce Dept.)07
57.Junior Assistant, Handlooms Textiles HOD, (Industries and Commerce Dept.)01
58.Junior Assistant, Industries HOD, (Industries and Commerce Dept.)08
59.Junior Assistant, Mines and Geology HOD, (Industries and Commerce Dept.)01
60.Junior Assistant, Sugar Cane Commissioner HOD, (Industries and Commerce Dept.)03
61.Junior Assistant (HO), T.S. Khadi and Village Industries Board (TSKVIB), (Industries and Commerce Dept.)05
62.Junior Assistant, Director, Ground Water Department HOD, (Irrigation Command Area Development Dept.)01
63.Junior Assistant, Employment and Training HOD, (Labour and Employment Dept.)02
64.Junior Assistant, Factories HOD, (Labour and Employment Dept.)06
65.Junior Assistant, Industrial Tribunal-II, Hyderabad, (Labour and Employment Dept.)01
66.Junior Assistant, (HO), Industrial Tribunal-I, Hyderabad, (Labour and Employment Dept.)02
67.Junior Assistant, Insurance Medical Services HOD, (Labour and Employment Dept.)06
68.Junior Assistant, (HO), Labour Court, Godavarikhani, (Labour and Employment Dept.)02
69.Junior Assistant, (HO), Labour Court, Warangal, (Labour and Employment Dept.)02
70.Junior Assistant, (HO), Labour Court-I, Hyderabad, (Labour and Employment Dept.)01
71.Junior Assistant, (HO), Labour Court-III, Hyderabad, (Labour and Employment Dept.)01
72.Junior Assistant, Labour HOD, (Labour and Employment Dept.)10
73.Junior Assistant, Minorities Welfare HOD, (Minorities Welfare Dept.)06
74.Junior Assistant, Municipal Administration HOD, (Municipal Administration and Urban Development Dept.)18
75.Junior Assistant (HO), Chief Engineer, Rural Water Supply (Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Dept.)09
76.Junior Assistant (HO), Engineer-In-Chief (General Panchayat Raj) (Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Dept.)15
77.Junior Assistant, Panchayat Raj HOD, (Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Dept.)03
78.Junior Assistant (HO), TSIPARD (Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Dept.)02
79.Junior Assistant, Economics and Statistics HOD, (Planning Dept.)03
80.Junior Assistant, Endowments HOD, (Revenue Dept.)14
81.Junior Assistant, Excise HOD, (Revenue Dept.)15
82.Junior Assistant, Land Administration HOD, (Revenue Dept.)19
83.Junior Assistant, Registration Stamps HOD, (Revenue Dept.)06
84.Junior Assistant, State Taxes HOD, (Revenue Dept.)16
85.Junior Assistant, Survey, Settlement and Land Records HOD (Revenue Dept.)03
86.Junior Assistant, Scheduled Castes Development Department HOD, (Scheduled Castes Development Department Dept.)08
87.Junior Assistant (HO), T.S.W.R.E.I. Society, (Scheduled Castes Development Department Dept.)23
88.Junior Assistant (HO), Telangana Scheduled Castes Co-Op Development Corporation Ltd., (Scheduled Castes Development Department Dept.)05
89.Junior Assistant, Government Examinations HOD, (Secondary Education Dept.)15
90.Junior Assistant, Public Libraries HOD, (Secondary Education Dept.)02
91.Junior Assistant, Registrar of Publications HOD, (Secondary Education Dept.)01
92.Junior Assistant, School Education HOD, (Secondary Education Dept.)31
93.Junior Assistant (HOD), State Institute of Educational Technology (SIET) (Secondary Education Dept.)04
94.Junior Assistant (HO), Telangana State Residential Educational Institutional Society, (Secondary Education Dept.)03
95.Junior Assistant, Engineer-IN-Chief (R B, NH, ADMN., ROB/RUBs) HOD, (Transport, Roads and Buildings Dept.)02
96.Junior Assistant, Transport Commissioner, Telangana HOD, (Transport, Roads and Buildings Dept.)10
97.Junior Assistant, Chief Engineer, Tribal Welfare HOD (Tribal Welfare Dept.)02
98.Junior Assistant (HO), T.S. Tribal Welfare Residential Educational Institutions Society (Secy Gurukulam) (Tribal Welfare Dept.)20
99.Junior Assistant (HO), Tribal Cultural Research and Training Institute, (Tribal Welfare Dept.)03
100.Junior Assistant, Tribal Welfare HOD, (Tribal Welfare Dept.)02
101.Junior Assistant, Women Development Child Welfare HOD, (Women, Children, Disabled and Senior Citizens Dept.)03
102.Junior Assistant (HO), Cultural Affairs, (Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture)02
103.Junior Assistant, SATS L.B. Stadium, (Youth Advancement, Tourism and Culture)03
104.Junior Accountant, Treasuries and Accounts HOD, (Finance Dept.)60
105.Junior Accountant, Life Insurance Dept HOD, (Finance Dept.)01
106.Accountant, Telangana Scheduled Tribes Coop Fin. Corp. Ltd (TRICOR), Tribal Welfare Dept.,01
107.Junior Assistant cum Typist, Prosecutions HOD, (Home Dept)04

TSPSC Group 3 Notification 2023 (Advt No. 29/2022) has been published on 30th December 2022, announcing 1365 vacancies for various Group 3 posts. Candidates can access information such as eligibility, exam pattern, syllabus, and key dates on the TSPSC Group 3 notification PDF. A link to download the PDF is provided for reference.

TSPSC Group 3 Syllabus 2023

Paper 1- General Studies and General Abilities

Paper 2- History, Political science and Society.

Paper 3- Economy of Development 

TSPSC Group 3 Syllabus Paper I

  1. General Studies and General Abilities
  2. World Geography
  3. Indian Geography
  4. Telangana State Geography
  5. Cultural Heritage and History of India
  6. Social Exclusion
  7. Rights Issues
  8. 8th standard Basic English
  9. Regional Current Affairs
  10. Policies of Telangana State
  11. National Current Affairs
  12. Inclusive policies
  13. Society, Heritage, Literature, Arts, and Cultures of Telangana
  14. International Current Affairs
  15. Disaster Management: Prevention and Mitigation strategies
  16. Environmental issues
  17. General Science: India’s Technology and achievement
  18. Logical Reasoning: Data Interpretation and Analytical ability
  19. International events and Relations

TSPSC Group 3 Syllabus Paper-II

  1. History, Political Science, and Society
  2. Socio-Cultural characteristics of Telangana Society
  3. Remarkable features of Indian Society: Caste, Religion, Tribe, Marriage, Family
  4. Social Issues:
  5. Communalism, Casteism, child labour, violence against women, Disability, and the aged.
  6. Social Movements:
  7. Women’s Movements, Dalit Movements, Peasant’s movement, Environmental Movements, Human Rights Movements.
  8. Social specific issues of Telangana:
  9. Child Labour, Fluorosis, Girl Child, Vetti, Jogini, Migration, and Framer’s and weaver’s labor.
  10. Welfare Programmes:
  11. Employment, Rural and urban, Tribal welfare, Poverty Alleviation

TSPSC Group 3 Syllabus Paper III

  1. Economy and Development
  2. Issues and challenges of the Indian Economy
  3. Enhancement and Outgrowth:
  4. Relationship between growth and enhancement
  5. Concepts
  6. Economic Growth measurement:
  7. Definition, concepts of Natural Income
  8. Real and nominal income
  9. Poverty and unemployment:
  10. Measurement of Poverty
  11. Definition and types of unemployment
  12. Planning in Indian Economy:
  13. Priorities, Objectives, achievements, and strategies of five-year plans.
  14. Issues of Developments and change:
  15. Sustainable Development and goals, Concepts and Measurement
  16. Displacement and Development:
  17. Land Acquisition Policy
  18. Rehabilitation and Resettlement
  19. Economic Reforms:
  20. Inequalities, Growth, and Poverty
  21. Social security, Social Transformation
  22. Sustainable Development:
  23. Sustainable Development Goals
  24. Concept and Measurement of Development
Paper NameSubjectsMarks
Paper 1General Studies & General Abilities150
Paper 2History, Political Science, Society150
Paper 3Economy of Development150

TSPSC Group 3 2023 Salary

TSPSC Group 3 Salary: The monthly salary for the Group 3 role ranges from Rs. 24,280-72,850 and some posts offer a pay scale of Rs. 32,810-96,890. The exact salary information will be specified in the official notification. The salary includes basic pay and allowances as approved by the government of Telangana.

How much is the application fee for Group 3 online apply?

The application fee for TSPSC Group 3 is ₹280, which includes a ₹200 processing fee and a ₹80 exam fee. More information can be found on the official TSPSC site.

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