AP RTE Private School Free Admission 2024-25 New Process

AP RTE According to the RTE Act 2009, Section 12(1)(C) for the year 2024-25, 25% of the first class seats in private schools in Andhra Pradesh should be reserved for children. AP rte admission 2024-25 online date on cse.ap.gov.in portal rules

Who is eligible for AP RTE ?

  • orphan children
  • SC
  • ST
  • BC Minority
  • OC children whose annual income is below 1.2 lakhs in villages and 1.44 lakhs in urban areas

What should be the age?

  1. To enroll in private schools that follow the IB/ICSC/CBSE syllabus, a child must have turned 5 years old on or before 01.04.2024.
  2. For admission to private schools that follow the state syllabus, the child must have completed 5 years of age by 01.06.2024.

AP RTE Important Dates:

  • Schools Registration Dates : 06.03.2023 to 19.03.2023
  • Registration of Students : 22.03.2023 to 10.04.2023
  • Examination of student data as per GSWS data : 13.04.2023 to 17.04.2023
  • 1st Round Lottery Result : 18.04.2023
  • Children’s Joining Confirmation in Schools : 19.04.2023 to 25.04.2023
  • 2nd Round Lottery Result : 29.04.2023
  • Children’s Joining Confirmation in Schools : 01.05.2023 to 05.05.2023

How to Register AP RTE

How can I apply for RTE in Andhra Pradesh (Ap rte school admission)

The registration process for a 12(1)(C) application requires the Aadhaar number of the student. If the student does not possess an Aadhaar number, the registration can be done using the Aadhaar number of their mother, father, or guardian (in the case of orphaned children without parents).

Step 1:

Click Here  and select “Register”. To register, A student or mother or father or guardian must be a BPL family at the time of registration only then registration is possible.

Step 2: 

Once you have registered, you will receive a User Name and Password on your mobile number. Change your password.

Step 3: 

Log in to the portal and enter the Aadhaar number of the student, mother, father, or guardian. Click “GO” to retrieve the data from the GSWS Server. This will include the name, district, mandal, panchayat, mobile number, and address. You can edit the mobile number here, but only the number provided during registration should be entered.

Step 4: 

Fill in the remaining details such as PIN code, email, date of birth, age, gender, religion, caste, and Rice Card number (if applicable).

Step 5: 

The student’s age should be between five and six years old. If the child is over five years old and before 01.04.2023, CBSE, ICSE, IB, or State schools will be available. If the child is over five years old but before 01.06.2023, only State Government schools will be available.

Step 6: 

If the student has siblings attending school, select “YES” and enter the Aadhaar number and UDISE code of their school.

Step 7: 

If the student has any special needs or disabilities, is suffering from HIV/AIDS, or is an orphan, provide the necessary details.

Step 8: 

If the address provided during registration is incorrect, you can update it by uploading one of the following proofs: Aadhaar card, Voter card, Current Bill, Telephone bill, Water Bill, House Tax Receipt, Driving license, Copy of house rent agreement, Ration card, Employee Certificate, or Certificate from concerned MRO or local authority.

Once you have completed the registration process, you will receive an application ID and password via SMS. Make sure to save this information for future reference.

How to select Web Options:

According to the registration process, the following schools will be displayed based on the address of the student or mother or father or guardian:

  • If a school is located within one kilometer of the address, it will be displayed first.
  • If there are less than 10 schools within a three-kilometer radius of the address, then the list of those schools will also be displayed.
  • There are no schools within one kilometer or three kilometers of the address, then the list of all remaining schools will be displayed.

The list of schools displayed will be based on the age of the student. The maximum number of schools that can be selected from the list is 10. The final selection of the school will be submitted later.

ap rte private school free admission 2023-24

AP RTE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

No, there is no application fee for AP RTE  Admission 2024. The application process is completely free of cost.

NO, The only way to apply for RTE AP Admission 2024 is through the official website of the Andhra Pradesh School Education Department. The admission process is completely online, and no other mode of application submission is available.

NO, The admission process for RTE AP Admission 2024 is based on a lottery system. The selected students will be allotted seats in private schools that have been identified by the Andhra Pradesh government for the purpose of RTE admissions.


14417 (Toll free Number)

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