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YSR sunna vaddi panta runalu SVPR New Status

The YSR-Sunna Vaddi Panta Runalu Scheme is a government initiative that provides interest subsidy to farmers who repay their crop loans within one year. The scheme is being implemented from Kharif 2019 onwards and covers crop loans up to Rs. 1 lakh.

The interest subsidy is 4%, which is the difference between the 7% interest rate charged by banks and the 3% interest subsidy released by the central government. The state government releases the remaining 4% interest subsidy directly to the farmers’ savings bank accounts.

scheme's key objectives

  • Empowering small and marginal farmers by reducing their financial burden.
  • Encouraging financial discipline among borrowers by ensuring timely repayment of loans.
  • Protecting the interests of actual cultivators by ensuring that they receive the benefits of the loans.
  • Accountability through direct transfer of benefits to farmers’ accounts through DBT.
  • Mobilizing farmers with overdue loans through social audit.

The procedure for the YSR-Sunna Vaddi Panta Runalu Scheme

  1. An exclusive SVPR portal was developed to upload the eligible claims data.
  2. Each bank is provided with individual logins to upload the eligible farmers data by the bankers in the SVPR portal.
  3. The uploaded data is validated as per the e-crop data following the SVPR guidelines.
  4. The interest subsidy is transferred to the farmers’ accounts directly through DBT.

What is Crop Cultivators Rights Act

The Andhra Pradesh Crop Cultivators Rights Act, 2019 (CCRA) was enacted on August 17, 2019. The Act was enacted to provide different benefits to the actual cultivators of agricultural land, while duly safeguarding the land rights of the owner farmers.

The CCRA enables the generation of a Crop Cultivators Rights Card (CCRC) to tenant farmers. 

Benefits that tenant farmers can avail with a CCRC card

  • Eligibility for all the benefits related to crop.
  • Crop loan from the bank, with the obligation for recovery on the crop only, not the land.
  • Benefits under different schemes, such as seed on subsidy, farm implements on subsidy, input subsidy, free crop insurance, Sunna Vaddi Panta Runalu, and Minimum Support Price.
  • Financial assistance of Rs. 13,500/- under the YSR Rythu Bharosa Scheme for SC, ST, BC, and minority communities tenant farmers with CCRCs.

Procedure for obtaining a Crop Cultivator Rights Card (CCRC)

  • Unfilled CCRC can be obtained from village secretariat by land owner or cultivator during crop year.
  • The village revenue officer (VRO), village volunteer (VV) or VAA will facilitate the land owner and cultivator to sign CCRC.
  • Filled CCRC with the signatures of the land owner and cultivator will be handed over to the VRO.
  • VRO will verify with village revenue records and then countersign.
  • Village secretariat will hand over the signed CCRC to both the land owner and cultivator within 3 days.
  • Agreement in the form of CCRC will be for maximum period of 11 months.

Sensitization of owner farmers

  • Security of land ownership rights
  • No possibility of suit/prosecution/other legal proceedings on the agreement
  • Repealing of Andhra Pradesh (Andhra Area) Tenancy Act, 1956
  • Bank obligation for recovery of loan is on crop only but not on the land
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