ysr asara scheme amount release date status

ysr asara scheme amount release date status

YSR Asara : These women are typically from low-income households and rely on their SHGs for financial support. The scheme provides a safety net for them in times of need and ensures that they can continue to access credit even during challenging times.

Benefits of YSR asara scheme

  • Through the implementation of this scheme financial assistance will be provided to the poor women living in Andhra Pradesh.
  • YSR Asara Scheme will increase the rate of women empowerment.
  • Andhra Pradesh government is going to provide SHG loan to women belonging to minority communities.
  • Now the women of Andhra Pradesh do not need to take loans at high interest.
  • Through this scheme, money is directly deposited in the bank account of the beneficiary

YSR Asara Scheme Eligibility

  1. Applicant should be Lived in Andhra Pradesh state.
  2. She should be in Dwakra(SHG) group.
  3. Belonging to SC / ST / BC / Minority Community.

Required Documents for YSR Asara Scheme

  1. Aadhaar card
  2. Mobile Number
  3. Loan document
  4. SC / ST / BC / Minority Community Certificate
  5. Residence Certificate
  6. Passport size photograph
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