Who is Princess Diya Kumari Foundation Jaipur New Biography

Who is Princess Diya Kumari Foundation Jaipur New Biography

Princess Diya Kumari Foundation (NGO) Jaipur biography  work in Rajasthan and family philanthropy social impact achievements and Rajasthan women’s empowerment

Born into the royal family on January 30, 1971(Age-53)  in Jaipur, Diya Kumari didn’t just inherit jewels and palaces she inherited a legacy of compassion and service. Witnessing the struggles of women in rural Rajasthan, particularly in her ancestral village of Sawai Madhopur, sparked a fire within her. In 2013, she founded the Princess Diya Kumari Foundation Jaipur (PDKF)

A Royal Heritage:

Imagine growing up in the majestic City Palace of Jaipur, with peacocks strutting on marble floors and echoes of history whispering in every corner. That was Diya’s childhood, steeped in the legacy of a royal lineage dating back centuries. Her grandfather, Man Singh II, wasn’t just a Maharaja, he was a world-renowned sportsman and art connoisseur.

Princess Diya Kumari education

But Diya wasn’t content being just a princess. She studied in England, earning a degree in Hotel Management. This wasn’t some royal whim. it was a deliberate choice to bridge the gap between her heritage and the modern world. She took over the management of the family’s hotels and palaces, transforming them into thriving businesses while preserving their cultural essence.

From Palace to Parliament (political career)

Diya’s ambition didn’t stop at hotels. In 2013, she entered politics, winning a seat in the Rajasthan Legislative Assembly. She wasn’t just another privileged politician. she worked tirelessly for her constituents, focusing on education, healthcare, and women’s empowerment. Her royal background wasn’t a liability, it was an asset, giving her access and influence to make a real difference.

Rajasthan’s new Deputy CM Diya Kumari

In 2023, her dedication and hard work were recognized with her appointment as Deputy Chief Minister of Rajasthan. This wasn’t just a feather in her cap. it was a testament to her ability to transcend the label of “princess” and become a leader, respected for her work ethic and commitment to the state.

Diya Kumari family

Diya Kumari comes from a rich and distinguished family, with both royal and non-royal roots

Royal Lineage:

  • Granddaughter of Man Singh II, the last ruling Maharaja of Jaipur: This lineage connects her to centuries of royal history and heritage.
  • Daughter of Bhawani Singh, a decorated Indian Army officer and hotelier, and Padmini Devi: While not directly from the royal line, Bhawani Singh’s close ties to the Jaipur royal family solidified Diya’s connection to the legacy.

Non-Royal Connections:

  • Married to Narendra Singh (1994-2018): Narendra Singh was a Chartered Accountant and a commoner, making their marriage a significant departure from royal tradition. This marriage further integrated non-royal influences into the family.
  • Children: Diya and Narendra have three children – Padmanabh Singh, Lakshraj Prakash Singh, and Gauravi Kumari. Their presence adds a contemporary dimension to the family dynamic.

Diya Kumari's net worth

Estimates based on election affidavits:

  • ₹19 crore: This figure comes from Diya Kumari’s affidavit filed for the Rajasthan Assembly elections in 2023. This includes both movable and immovable assets, with a significant portion attributed to investments in the stock market.
  • ₹75 lakh: This estimate focuses on her movable assets, particularly gold jewelry valued at around ₹75 lakh, as reported by various news outlets.

Higher estimates:

  • $2.8 billion: Some media reports cite Diya Kumari’s family wealth and access to royal assets, pushing her net worth to a much higher figure of $2.8 billion. However, it’s important to note that this figure may not be accurate or readily verifiable.

Princess Diya Kumari Social Links

This is just a glimpse into the life of Princess Diya Kumari. Her story is still being written, and who knows what incredible chapters await?

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