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What is Mission Vatsalya Scheme

  • The Mission Vatsalya Scholarship is a centrally sponsored scheme.
  • To be eligible, the child must have lost one or both parents.
  • The sponsorship amount provided through this scheme is Rs. 4000 per month.
  • Families can apply for this scholarship on behalf of up to two children.
  • The initiative is subject to certain conditions that need to be fulfilled.

Who Is Eligible For Mission Vatsalya Scheme ?​

Children below the age of 18 years who are in needy and helpless condition are eligible for sponsorship program sanction.

  • Orphaned and orphaned children living with other family members
  • Children are helpless parents who are unable to raise their children financially and physically
  • Children in need of protection and care under the Child Justice (Protection & Fostering) Act-2015- Homeless children,
  • whose exposed to natural calamities, Child laborers, Child victims of child marriage,Children affected by HIV/AIDS, children trafficked, children with disabilities, missing and abandoned children, street children, child beggars, children subjected to violence/harassment/abuse/exploitation, children in need of assistance and shelter.
    PM CARE FOR CHILDREN sanctioned children
  •  father is dead i.e. whose mother is widowed or divorced (there should be orders obtained from the court or the price can be paid with an agreement written in the presence of the village elders but the decision of the committee is final) or left the family.
  • Both mother and father of the children are dead and orphaned and living with other family members.
  • Parents suffering from life-threatening or life-threatening disease
  • Children identified as child laborers, unaccompanied children, disabled children, runaway children, child beggars, children exposed to any natural calamity, street children, exploited children (as per JJ Act,2015).
  • Children who have lost their parents due to Covid-19 i.e. Corona are such children who are registered under PMCares scheme.

What is Mission Vatsalya Scheme Income Criteria ? ​

  • This scheme is not applicable to children studying in residential schools.
  • For children eligible for this scheme, family income in rural areas should not exceed Rs.72,000.
  • Similarly, in urban areas, the income of the family firm should not exceed Rs.96,000.

What Is Mission Vatsalya Budget ?​

To implement this scheme, the Center will contribute 60 percent i.e. Rs. 2400 while the state government will fund 40 percent of Rs.1600 and give it to the orphan children.

What is Time Limit of Mission Vatsalya Scheme ?​

  • Sponsorship Program This sponsorship financial assistance is withheld when the child leaves the family and joins an Institution (CCI) till the age of 18 years or the end of Mission Vatsalya scheme.
  • If the child does not attend school for more than 30 days, the sponsorship will be suspended. (Exception for children with special needs)
  • If the children who are eligible for this scheme join any hostels in future, the scheme will be suspended from there.
    The Sponsorship Committee reviews the scheme every year and can suspend or continue the sponsorship.
  • If the mother dies and the father remarries, such children will not get this scheme because it means that there is a father and a mother.
  • Submit the child’s study certificate for this year i.e. 2022-2023 only.

Required Documents For Vatsalya Scheme ?​

  • Birth certificate of boy or girl
  • Aadhaar card of boy or girl
  • Mother’s Aadhaar Card
  • Father’s Aadhaar Card
  • Death certificate of mother or father, cause of death
  • Guardian Aadhaar Card
  • Ration Card or Rice Card
  • Caste Certificate
  • Boy or Girl Passport size Photo
  • Study Certificate
  • Income certificate
  • Individual bank account of boy or girl or
  • joint account with mother or father or guardian.
    The application along with the above mentioned documents can be submitted to your respective CDPO office within the deadline.

Vatsalya Scheme Selection Process ?​

All the applications received at the CDPO office within the deadline will be scrutinized by the committee at the mandal level and the eligible candidates will be selected from there all the applications with the signatures of the members will be sent to the office of the District Women and Child Development and Empowerment Officer. 

From there they will be sent for the approval of the District Collector.

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