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6 six step new validation check online status

Grama Ward Sachivalayam లో మీరు ఏదయిన పథకం కి apply చేసినప్పుడు అది 6 step validation జరుగుతుంది. ఏదైనా సంక్షేమ పథకం ఒక ఫ్యామిలీ కి వర్తించాలంటే 6 step validation జరుగుతుంది.

What are the 6 steps

  1. Income tax
  2. Electricity
  3. Government employee/pensioner
  4. Land
  5. Four-wheeler
  6. Municipal area property

Income tax

Schemes  కోసం 6 step validation నుండి Income Tax validation ని  తీసివేయబడింది.  ఇక నుంచి  Schemesకు రెవెన్యూ శాఖ జారీ చేసిన తాజా ఆదాయ ధృవీకరణ పత్రం(Income Certificate ) మాత్రమే చెల్లుబాటు అవుతుంది.

In rural areas, the family should have a monthly income of up to Rs. 10,000, equivalent to Rs. 1.20 lakh per year, from all sources of income.

In urban areas, the income limit is up to Rs. 12,000 per month, equivalent to Rs. 1.44 lakh per year, from all sources of income.


The monthly electricity consumption of a family dwelling unit (whether owned or rented) should be below 300 units per month.

  • APSPDCL(Districts: Nellore district, Chittoor district, Kadapa district, Ananthapur district and Kurnool) – CLICK HERE
  • APCPDCL(Districts: Krishna, Guntur & Prakasam) – CLICK HERE
  • APEPDCL(Districts:Srikakulam, Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, East & West Godavari.) – CLICK HERE

Government employee/pensioner

మీ household mapping లో ఉన్న ఎవ్వరు కూడా Government employee/pensioner అయ్యిఉండకూడదు.



The land holding of the family should be below the following limits:

  • Less than 3.00 acres of wet land
  • Less than 10.00 acres of dry land
  • Also Less than 10.00 acres of combined wet and dry land

Family should not own a motorized four-wheeler (Taxi, Tractors, Autos are exempted)

Municipal area property

Families residing in municipal areas who own houses with a site area of less than 1000 sq. ft.

LandLess than 3 acres (Wet)
Less than 10 acres (Dry)
Total Less than 10 acres (Combined wet and dry)
EnergyLess than 300 units (Last 12 months average)
TransportShould not own a 4-wheeler (Taxi, Auto, Tractors exempted)
IncomeRural: Total family income less than ₹10,000 per month
Urban : Total family income less than ₹12,000 per month
MAUDLess than 1000 sq ft
GSTNGST turnover should not exceed ₹12,00,000/-
Income TaxNo family member should pay income tax
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