What is the PDI Panchayat Development Index

What is the PDI Panchayat Development Index

The PDI Panchayat Development Index is a concept used in the context of rural governance and development in India. Panchayats are rural local self-government bodies at the village, intermediate (block or taluka), and district levels in India. The Panchayat Development Index is a tool or system used to assess and measure the development progress and performance of these Panchayats.


The Ministry of Panchayat Raj (MoPR) is leading the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in rural India. This involves working with central and state ministries/departments, NITI Aayog, and Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) to develop and implement nine thematic approaches to achieving the SDGs.

The 9 themes are

  1. Poverty free and enhanced livelihoods Village.
  2. Healthy Village.
  3. Child Friendly Village.
  4. Water Sufficient Village.
  5. Clean and Green Village.
  6. Self Sufficient Infrastructure in Village.
  7. Socially Secured Village.
  8. Village with Good Governance.
  9. Women Friendly Panchayat.

PDI Data Collection

Co terminus with one GP

  • 2 or more Grama Panchayat into one village secretariat
  • One Grama Panchayat constitute multiple secretariats (Maximum 5)

Data Collectors

  • Unit of Data collection at Grama Panchayat level
  • Data Collectors are all Village level functionaries at Village level

Data Fecilitator

Data Collection Points

All Village Level Offices of Line Departments Ex : Anganwadi Centre, Primary or Secondary schools, Primary Health Centres, Health Sub Centres etc.

Data Uploading

Digital Assistants and panchayat Sectretaries after taking signed copies of Village level functionaries will upload the data into PDA Portal.

Data Verification / Validation at Mandal Level

  • All Mandal Level officers are of Line Departments are appinted as ” Nodal Officers”
  • Log- in credentials will be provided to the Nodal Officers of concrned Line Departments by the Mandal Parishat Development Officer(MPDO) for Data Validation.

Data Monitoring at Divisional Level

Divisional Development Officer (DLDO) at Divisional Level will monitor / co – ordinate with all Mandals for uploading Data.

Data Validation at Distrct Level

At District Level under the District Collector the Data Validation Team will function with Chief Executive Officer, Chief Planning Officer & District Panchayat Officer and all District Heads of line Departmens

Grading on PDI Score

  • Achiever (90+)
  • Front Runner (75-90)
  • Performer (60-75)
  • Aspirant (40-60)
  • Beginner (0-40)

Role Assignment

Data Source Validation Team

  1. Identify data points available at Gram Panchayat
  2. Identification Registers / Formats where data points would be available
  3. Identification of Data points to be collected through survey


  1. Visit to the institutions ( AWC/ PHC/Schools etc.) for data collection
  2. Get the duly authenticated data in hard copy
  3. All Line Departments to facilitate data collection
  4. Enter the data into Portal with due care & upload the pdf of hard copy
  5. Submit the completed form to GP Secretary/PDO

GP Secretary

  1. Download the copy of uploaded form from portal
  2. Place before the Gram Sabha for approval
  3. Upon approval of GS, submit on portal for Block Level Validation/ Scrutiny.

Block Level Officers/Team

  1. Block Heads to validate the GP wise data mapped to their Department
  2. In case of disagreement data points can be reverted to GP for reconfirmation
  3. Once entire data set of a GP is validated, submit to BDO for final validation
  4. BDO to validate GP wise and submit to District Team

District Team

  1. District Team to validate the GP wise data received from BDOs
  2. If disagreement, data points can be reverted to Block for reconfirmation by GP
  3. Once entire data set of a GP is validated, submit to State Team for final validation.

State Team

  1. State Team to validate the data received from District
  2. If disagreement, data points can be reverted to District for reconfirmation by GP
  3. Upon validation of entire data set of a GP, submit for scoring.

Implementing Mechanism

  • Meeting with concerned key line departments to identify data sources on each local indicators
  • Mapping of data points from respective field offices
  • Handholding, CB&T to Nodal Officers/ stakeholders.
  • Translation of local indicators in regional language if needed.
  • Planning & monitoring at different levels on data sharing and ease of data collection.
  • Involvement of domain experts from INGOs, NGOs and Academic Institutions.

Capacity Building & Training

  • Intensive CB&T Exercise through network of SIRDs/PR Institutions
  • Training of ERs & Functionaries of PRIs Panchayats and frontline workers of the line departments
  • Handholding Training of the Facilitator engaged for data capturing from different field offices.
  • Development of Training Modules in local language by SIRDs.
  • CB&T through Training Modules for SLMTs, DLMTs & BLMTs


  • GP level Data Collection and entry by September 30, 2023/ 12th October,23
  • Completion of validation cycle at all levels by October 25, 2023.
  • PDI Computation and Score Publication by October 31, 2023

Functions and SOP for Gram Panchayat in PDI

  • Download the data collection format for each field office of line departments.
  • Collect the data in the specified format and obtain the signature and stamp of the functionary/official who has provided the data.
  • Enter the data obtained from the field offices of line departments.
  • Discuss the data in the Gram Sabha (village assembly meeting) and obtain the approval of the Gram Sabha.
  • Submit the data for verification online.
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