• Common Application form based on UID prefill. 

• Individual application form for respective service 

 • Aadhaar based e-sign for logging and approving/rejecting the application 

• SMS to citizen to know the status of application at each level 

• Any where citizen can apply the services expect for Rice card and Pension 

• Any where citizen can take print out of the certificate. 

• E-sign functionality by Final approval officer 

• View transaction status at regular intervals in DA login 

• Reasons for rejection of application at various level officers 

• Sub-SLA tracking of applications vs officer.

LOGIN ids ON 2.O


• DAs: <secretariat id>-DA@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• WEDS: <secretariat id>-WEDS@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• WEAs: <secretariat id>-WEA@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• WWDS:<secretariat id>-WWDS@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• WRS:<secretariat id>-WRS@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• VROs:<secretariat id>-VRO@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 


• MROs/ Tahsildar: <Revenue Code>-TEH@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• RIs: <Revenue Code>-RI@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• JCs: <LGD Code>-JCREV@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• Collectors: < LGD Code >-Collector@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• RDO: <Revenue Code>-RDO@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• Deputy Tahsildar: < Revenue Code >-DEPTEH@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• DRO: < Revenue Code>-DRO@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• Municipal Commissioner: <ULB Code>-MC@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• MPDO: <LGD Code>-MPDO@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 


• Handloom-DC: <LGD Code>-HANDLOOMDC@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• Excise -DC: <LGD Code>-EXCISEDC@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• Fishery-DC: <LGD Code>-FISHERYDC@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• SCWEL: <LGD Code>-SCWELDC@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com 

• DMHO: <LGD Code>-DMO@apgsws.onmicrosoft.com


Major Departments Covered under Sub-SLA Workflow

1 AP Dotted Lands Application
2 Addition Of Survey No In Adangal And 1 B
3 Agriculture Income Certificate
4 Change of Name Application
5 Computerized Adangal
6 Cracker license Application
7 E-Passbook Application
8 Extract of House site / D-Form Patta Application
9 Extract of NOC under Explosive / Petroleum Act
10 Family member Certificate
11 House Site Application
12 Income Certificate
13 Integrated Certificate
14 Issuance Of Income & Asset Certificate For Economically
Weaker Sections (EWS)
15 Issuance Of Small And Marginal Farmer Certificate
16 Issue of NOC For Storing of Petroleum Products
17 Issue of Occupancy Rights Certificates for Inam Lands
18 Land Conversion(NEW)-GO MS NO 98
19 Late Registration Of Death/Birth
20 Manual Adangal

1 Modifications In 22A List
2 Mutation And Title Deed Cum Pattadar Passboook
3 No Earning Certificate
4 No Property Application Service
5 OBC Certificate
6 Patta Sub Division For Auto Mutation Process Form
7 Pattadar Mobile No Seeding In Land Records
8 Permission of Digging of Bore Well for Agricultural Purpose
9 Possession Certificate
10 Printing of Title Deed cum passbook
11 ROR - 1B
12 Re-Issuance of OBC / EBC / Integrated Certificate
13 Rectifications Of Entries In Record Of Rights
14 Renewal Of Cinema License
15 Title Deed Cum Passbook


1 Water - Additional Connection
2 Water - Closure Of Connection
3 Property Tax - Sub Division Request - Parent Property
4 Property Tax - Vacant Land New Assessment
5 Property - Revision Petition
6 Property - Conversion of VLT to House Tax
7 Marriage- Registration(New Registration)
8 Property Tax - Amalgamation
9 Marriage- Certificate
10 Property Tax - Transfer Of Title
11 Property - Vacancy Remission
12 Property Tax - New Assessment Request
13 Property Tax - Exemption Request
14 Water- Reconnection
15 Property Tax - General Revision Petition
16 Trade License - New Trade License
17 Property Tax - Sub Division Request - Child Property
18 Property Tax - Conversion Of House Tax To Land Tax (VLT)
19 Trade License - Renewal of Trade License
20 Trade License - Closure Of Trade License
21 Property Tax - Addition/Alteration
22 Water - New Water Connection
23 Water - Change Of Usage
24 Sewerage Tax-New Sewerage Connection
25 Sewerage Tax-Change in Closets/Close Sewerage Connection

1 Creation of New rice card
2 Addition of Member in Rice Card
3 Deletion of Member in Rice Card
4 Splitting of Members in Rice Card- Normal Split
5 Splitting of Members in Rice Card- Divorcee Split
6 Splitting of Members in Rice Card- Widow Split
7 Surrender of Rice Card

1 Creation of New Pension

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