what is equal in New digital identity platform

What is Equal in New Digital Identity Platform Benefits

Equal.in is a digital identity platform that allows users to create a single, secure, and portable identity that can be used across multiple online platforms and services. It is a product of Equal Technologies, a Bangalore-based startup.

It uses a variety of technologies to verify a user’s identity, including biometrics, Aadhaar, and PAN card. This makes it a more secure and reliable way to authenticate than traditional methods such as passwords and one-time passwords (OTPs).

Benefits of using Equal.in

  • Secure: It uses a variety of technologies to verify a user’s identity, making it more secure than traditional methods such as passwords and OTPs.
  • Reliable: It  is backed by the NPCI, which is one of the most trusted organizations in India. This makes it a reliable platform for authenticating users.
  • Privacy: It uses a variety of technologies to ensure the security and privacy of user data. This includes zero-knowledge proofs and encryption.
  • Convenience: Equal.in makes it easy for users to manage their digital identities. Users can create, delete, and update their identities with just a few clicks.

This is a digital identity platform that aims to give everyone in India a digital identity that is secure, private, and portable. It is currently in beta and has over 1 million users.

Use of this ID

  • Online verification: It can be used to verify a user’s identity when they sign up for a new service or app. This helps to prevent fraud and identity theft.
  • Financial transactions: It can be used to make secure and authenticated financial transactions, such as online payments and bank transfers.
  • Government services: It can be used to access government services, such as filing taxes and applying for benefits.
  • Education: It can be used to verify a student’s identity and academic credentials.
  • Healthcare: It can be used to store a patient’s medical records and share them with healthcare providers.

Equal.in is Free or Paid

Equal.in is more affordable than traditional methods. The platform is free to use for individuals and small businesses. Large businesses can pay a subscription fee for a more premium service.


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If you are looking for a secure, reliable, and affordable way to authenticate yourself online, then Equal.in digital identity platform is a good option to consider.

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The ID, for everyone, for everything.


how's it different from aadhaar?

built in partnership with the india stack, enabling sharing use cases for Indians.

How do I sign up for Equal.in?

To sign up you will need to create an account and verify your identity using one of the supported methods. Once your account is verified, you can start using Equal.in to authenticate yourself to online services.

What all IDs does the ID Gateway verify?

Equal ID Gateway can verify 90% of IDs available to Indians from the providers:

  1. Unique Identification Authority of India
  2. National Securities Depository Limited
  3. Employees Provident Fund Organisation India
  4. DigiLocker
  5. CoWin
  6. ESign
  7. National Health Authority
  8. Income Tax
  9. National Payment Corporation of India
  10. Courtcases
  11. Data Vendors
  12. Banks
  13. Credit Bureaus
  14. Payment Companies
  15. Telecom Companies
Who is developed this Id ?

Equal ID is a digital public infrastructure platform developed in India by Keshav Reddy,The platform provides a secure and centralized identity management system for individuals, businesses, and government agencies. With Equal ID, users can store and manage their personal and financial records, including identification documents, bank accounts, and tax information, among others.

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