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ap surya shakti scheme subsidy details

పైకప్పు సౌర ఫలకాలపై సబ్సిడీ అందించడానికి ఆంధ్రప్రదేశ్ ప్రభుత్వం సూర్యశక్తి పథకం నమోదును ఆహ్వానిస్తోంది. ఈ...

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  • Must have obtained NCVT Certificate in Draughtsman (Civil)
    Trade (Two years course with surveying as one of the subject in
    any Industrial Training Institute recognized by the Govt. of A.P.
    or Govt. of India).                                                    (OR)
  • Must pass passed Intermediate (Vocational) Course with
    Surveying as one of the subject conducted by the Board of
    Intermediate of Andhra Pradesh.
  • (OR)
  • Must have passed Diploma in Civil Engineering from any
    Institute recognized by any State Govts. in India
  • (OR)
  • Must have passed B.E / B Tech in Civil Engineering (or) its
    equivalent from any Institution/University recognized under
    the Acts, by GoAP or Govt. of India.
  • (OR)
  • Must have obtained the Licensed Surveyor Certificate issued by the Commissioner / Director of Survey, Settlements & Land Records, A.P., and such Licensed Surveyor Certificate shall be a valid one with renewal as per the instructions / rules in force.

Age Limit :

  • Candidates must be at least 18 years of age while applying for the exams. max limit is 42


Written examination (Objective Type) No. of questions Duration (minutes) Maximum Marks
Part- A : General Studies and mental ability
Part - B : Drawing and survey

Note:- For each correct answer 1 mark will be awarded and each wrong answer will carry 0.25 negative mark.


1. General Mental ability and reasoning.
2, Quantitative aptitude including data interpretation.
3. General English.
4. Current affairs of Regional, National and International importance.
5. General Science and its applications to the day to day life, contemporary Development in science and technology and information technology.
6. History and culture of India with specific focus on A.p.
7. Indian polity and governance: Constitutional issues, 73/74th amendments,public policy, reforms and center state relations with specific reference to Andhra Pradesh.
8.Society, Social justice, Right issues.

9. Physical geography of Indian sub-continent and Andhra Pradesh.

10. Key welfare and development schemes of Govt. of Andhra Pradesh


1.Importance of Lettering and Numbering – Figure Sizes and proportions IS
Standard Practice.
2.construction of Plain Geometric Figures (Lines, Angles, Triangle, Rhombus,
Quadrilaterals, Polygon etc) orthographic projection – Recommended
Methods of Projections as per IS code.
3.construction of ordinary Scale – plain, & comparative Diagonal, vernier,
& Scale of Chords.
4.Drawing Plan and Elevation of points, Lines, surfaces & Solids.
5.Conventional Signs and Symbols as per IS Code for Engineering Drawings
and Buildings Drawings.
6.Drawing and detailing of (a) Brick arrangements – Various types of Bonds, (b) Stone Masonry & Stone loints (c) Foundations – Various types
(d) Damp Proof Course & Plinth Protection (e) Roof types – Reinforced Concrete, Madras Terrace & lack Arch, (f) Flooring types – Timber Flooring, Steel Flooring, Tile Flooring, (g) Arches & Lintels Carpentry Joints, Framing, Paneling and Moulding (h) Doors types – Paneled,Glazed, and Flush Door, (i) Windows & Ventilators (j) Pitched Roof -Various types – King post, & Queen post, (k) Steel Roof Trusses (l) Stairs- Various types – Wooden, Steel and Reinforced Concrete – Spiral,Doglegged & Open Well (m) Single Storied Residential House – Plan,Elevation and Section (n) Cross section showing different types of Roads,Railway Track, Embankment and layout of Platforms (o) DifFerent types of Irrigation Structures (p) Pipelines Joints Drainage Works, Manholes,Sanitary fittings, (q) Forms of Rivet Heads, Types of Riveted Joints,Standard Steel Section, Standard Connections.
7.Surveying of Buildings Sites with Chain, Field Book Entries – Plotting -Calculation of Areas.
8.Use of Prismatic Compass, Handling of Leveling Instrument – Differential Leveling, Surveying of Building Sites with Chain and Level for Calculation of Earth Work. Plotting of Longitudinal/Cross section, Drawing of Contours


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