General Mental ability and reasoning

General mental ability and reasoning refer to a person’s overall cognitive ability and capacity to think critically, solve problems, and make sound judgments. This can include abilities such as memory, attention, perception, language, and problem-solving.

Reasoning Topics

Logical ReasoningVerbal Reasoning TopicsNon Verbal Reasoning
Number SeriesLogical order of wordsCompletion of series
Letter and symbol seriesSyllogismNon Verbal Analogy
Making judgementsAnalogyCounting of figures
Input outputBlood relationMirror images
Statement & assumptionsSeries completionWater images
Statement & course of actionClassificationEmbedded figures
Statement & ConclusionPuzzlesCompletion of figures
Cause & effectSeating ArrangementFigure matrix
Statement & argumentLogical Venn diagramPaper folding
Logical deductionDiceClassification of figures
Coded RelationshipDirection sense testGrouping of figures
Verbal ClassificationCoding decodingPaper cutting
Essential PartWord formationDot situation
AnalogiesRankingCubes and dice
Artificial LanguageCause and EffectAnalytical Reasoning
Matching DefinitionsCube and CuboidPattern Completion
Verbal ReasoningCharacter PuzzlesShape Construction
Logical ProblemsData SufficiencyImage Analysis
Course of ActionArithmetic Reasoning
Theme Detection

Alphabet Test

An alphabet test is a type of cognitive assessment that measures a person’s ability to recognize and name letters of the alphabet. This test is often used to assess reading and writing abilities. The test can be administered in a variety of ways, such as by asking the person to name the letters of the alphabet in order, point to a specific letter when it is named, or match a letter to its corresponding written form. The test may be timed and the score is often based on the number of letters correctly identified within the given time.

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Alphabet Test

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Category: alphabet test


Find the middle letter between 4th and 16th letters in the English alphabet ?

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Category: alphabet test

2. C U B A E D E D A B E B A U C D B C A D B D U B C A C B E D A  If all the A's are dropped from the above arrangement, which of the following will be eleventh from the left end of the above arrangement?

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Category: alphabet test


Which letter comes in the middle of 20th letter from left and 21st letter from right ?

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Category: alphabet test

4. What is the letter that comes before "E"?

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Category: alphabet test

5. Ramu ranks 5th in the class. Raju is 8th from the last. If Rani 6th after Ramu and just in the middle of Ramu and Raju. How many students are there in the class?

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Category: alphabet test


If the letter of the word 'SACHIVALAYAM' arranged alphabetically, how many letters will remain at the same position ?

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Category: alphabet test



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Category: alphabet test

8. Which letter is the 9th to the right of the 15th letter from your left in the following alphabet series?    A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z

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Category: alphabet test


Which letter is 8th to the right of 7th letter from the left in the English alphabet ?

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Category: alphabet test

10. If you count 21 letters in the English alphabet from the end and 20 letters from the begining. Which letter will appear exactly in the middle of the sequence thus formed?

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Category: alphabet test


How many meaningful English words can be formed from the letter ADRW, using each letter only once in each word ?

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Category: alphabet test

12. What is the letter that comes after "H"?

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Category: alphabet test

13. LAP BUT CAR SON HID If the positions of the first and the third alphabets of each of the words are interchanged, which of the following would form a meaningful word in the new arrangement?

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Category: alphabet test



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Category: alphabet test


How many meaningful English words can be made from the letters EOPR, using each letter only once ?

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