andhra pradesh legislative council members MLCs List

Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council MLCs New List 2024

India's Legislative Council

  • Constitution: Established under Articles 168 and 171.
  • Size: Limited to 1/3 of the Legislative Assembly.
  • Members:
    • 1/3 elected by local authorities.
    • 1/12 by graduates.
    • 1/12 by teachers.
    • 1/3 by the Legislative Assembly.
    • Rest nominated by the Governor.
  • Andhra Pradesh:
    • First formed in 1958, abolished in 1985, recreated in 2007.
    • Currently has 58 members.
    • Permanent body, 1/3 retire every 2 years.

Key Points about the Legislative Council Chairman

  • Elected by Council Members: The Chairman is chosen by the members of the Legislative Council.
  • Presides over House: Leads discussions and maintains order during sessions.
  • Sets Rules for Debate: Determines who speaks, how long, and enforces rules.
  • Approves Questions and Motions: Decides if proposals can be presented to the House.
  • Forms and Manages Committees: Appoints members and chairs to oversee specific areas.

The Deputy Chairman of the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council

  • Elected by council members.
  • Has same powers as Chairman when presiding.
  • Chairs committees if also a member.

Committees in the Legislative Council are like mini-legislatures. They handle complex issues, scrutinize government work, and ensure accountability. They free up time for the main legislative body and act as a crucial oversight mechanism.

Committees of Legislative Council

The Leader of the Opposition is the voice of the biggest opposition party, playing a crucial role in holding the government accountable. They raise important issues, demand debates, and receive special privileges like a front-row seat and an office. This role is vital for a healthy democracy.

MLCs in Andhra Pradesh


  1. Dr. Vepada Chiranjeevi Rao (Srikakulam, Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram)
  2. Kancharla Srikanth (Prakasam, Nellore, Chittoor)
  3. Bhumireddy Ramagopal Reddy (Kadapa, Anantapur, Kurnool)
  4. K.S. Lakshmana Rao (Krishna, Guntur)
  5. Illa Venkateswara Rao (East Godavari, West Godavari)


  1. Sri M.V. Ramachandra Reddy (Kadapa, Kurnool, Anantapur)
  2. Sri Pakalapati Raghu Varma (Vizianagaram, Visakhapatnam, Srikakulam)
  3. Chandra Sekhar Reddy Parvatha Reddy (Prakasam, Nellore, Chittoor)
  4. Smt. T Kalpalatha (Krishna, Guntur)

Local Authorities

  1. Sri Indukuri Raghu Raju (Vizianagaram)
  2. Sri Yallareddygari Sivarami Reddy (Anantapur)
  3. Krishna Raghava Jayendra Bharath (Chittoor)
  4. Narthu Rama Rao (Srikakulam)
  5. Sri Vanka Ravindra Nath (West Godavari)
  6. Murugudu Hanumanta Rao (Guntur)
  7. Smt. Varudu Kalyani (Visakhapatnam)
  8. Dr. Monditoka Aruna Kumar (Krishna)
  9. Sri Kavuru Srinivas (West Godavari)
  10. Sri Ponnapureddy Rama Subba Reddy (Kadapa)
  11. Chennuboina Srinivasa Rao (Visakhapatnam)
  12. Sri Tumati Madhava Rao (Prakasam)
  13. Cipai Subramanyam (Chittoor)
  14. Sri Talasila Raghuram (Krishna)
  15. Sri Meriga Muralidhar (Nellore)
  16. Ananta Satya Udaya Bhaskar (East Godavari)
  17. Dr. Ummaredy Venkateswaralu (Guntur)
  18. Sri Kudupudi Suryanarayana Rao (East Godavari)
  19. Smt. S Mangamma (Anantapur)
  20. Sri A Madhusudhan (Kurnool)

Elected by MLAs

  1. Sri Jayamagnala Venkata Ramana (YSRCP)
  2. Smt. Pothula Suneetha (YSRCP)
  3. Sri Devasani Chinna Govinda Reddy (YSRCP)
  4. Dr. Penumatsa Varaha Venkata Suryanarayana Raju (YSRCP)
  5. Sri Chandragiri Yesuraatnam (YSRCP)
  6. Sri C. Ramachandraiah (YSRCP)
  7. Mahammad Ruhulla (YSRCP)
  8. Sri Duvvada Srinivas (YSRCP)
  9. Sri Marri Raja Sekhar (YSRCP)
  10. Bommi Israel (YSRCP)
  11. Sri Contractor Isaac Basha (YSRCP)
  12. Sri Shaik Mohammed Iqbal (YSRCP)
  13. B. Balli Kalyanachakravarthy (YSRCP)
  14. Sri Janga Krishna Murthy (YSRCP)
  15. Sri Palavalasa Vikramanth (YSRCP)
  16. B. Tirumala Naidu (TDP)
  17. Sri Duvvarapu Rama Rao (TDP)
  18. Sri Yanamala Ramakrishnudu (TDP)
  19. Parchuri Ashok Babu (TDP)
  20. Smt. Panchumathi Anuradha (TDP)


  • Sri Koyye Moshenu Raju
  • Smt. Mayana Zakia Khanam
  • Sri Lella Appi Reddy
  • Sri Rajagolla Ramesh Yadav
  • Dr. Kumbha Ravibabu
  • Sri Thota Thrimurthulu
  • Dr. Pandula Ravindra Babu
  • Smt. Karri Padma Sree
andhra pradesh legislative assembly members mla list
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