Telugu Actor Sivaji on Bigg Boss 7

Telugu Actor Sivaji On BB7 Full Bio Updates

Sivaji is a popular Indian actor, dubbing artist, and politician who is known for his work in the Telugu entertainment industry. He is known for his unique political beliefs and disclosures. He has also made a name for himself as a talented dubbing artist and has forayed into film production.

Early Life and Education

Sivaji was born on June 30, 1977, in Narsarsopet, Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India. He began his career as an editor at Gemini TV, but after being offered a part in a TV serial, he soon switched to acting. Opportunities for Telugu cinema thereafter started to materialize.


Sivaji started his acting career with small roles in films like Kushi and Indra. He got his first break as a lead actor in the film Missamma (2003), which was a commercial success. He went on to star in several successful films, including Ammayi Bagundi (2003), Ottesi Chebuthunna (2003), and Evandoi Srivaru (2004).

In 2014, Sivaji entered politics by joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). He left the party in 2015, but he remains active in politics.

In 2023, Sivaji participated in the popular Telugu reality show Bigg Boss 7. He was one of the most popular contestants on the show

Personal Life

Sivaji is married to actress Madhurima. They have two children together.


Here is a list of some of Sivaji’s most popular films:

  • Missamma (2003)
  • Ammayi Bagundi (2003)
  • Ottesi Chebuthunna (2003)
  • Evandoi Srivaru (2004)
  • Preminchukunna Pelliki Randi (2005)
  • Andala Ramudu (2006)
  • Seema Shastra (2007)
  • Jalsa (2008)
  • Kousalya Supraja Rama (2008)
  • Magadheera (2009)
  • Baadshah (2013)


Sivaji is a talented actor, dubbing artist, and politician who has made a significant contribution to the Telugu entertainment industry. He is known for his unique personality, his diverse acting abilities, and his commitment to his craft.

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