Leave Rules for State Govt Employees AP TS

What are the Full Leave Rules for AP State Govt Employees

Are you a Government employee then you can avail various types of leave depending on service, position, and situation. Leave is not a right, and it must be approved by your supervisor. we will explain the different types of leave available to you and the rules and procedures you need to follow.


  1. Leaves credited in advance
  2. Leaves credited after earning
  3. Other Leaves

Leaves credited in advance

  1. Casual Leave (CL)
  2. Optional Holidays (OH)
  3. Earned Leave (EL)

Leaves credited after earning

  1. Compensatory Casual Leaves (CCLs)
  2. Half Pay Leave (HPL)
  3. Commuted Leave (Full pay on Medical Grounds)

Other Leaves

  1. Hospital Leave
  2. Extra Ordinary Leave (EOL)
  3. Leave not due on Medical Certificate
  4. Leave for Employment Abroad
  5. Paternity Leave
  6. Special Casual Leave
  7. Special Disability Leave
  8. Study Leave
  9. Special Leave for Hysterectomy Operation
  10. Child Care Leave
  11. Maternity Leave
  12. Miscarriage/ Abortion Leave

Casual Leave

A concession to Govt Servant in special circumstances to be absent from duty for a short period.


To all temp/permanent employees.


  • 15 days per calendar year
  • If appointed in the middle of the year, CLs should credited proportionately.
  • A register of CL should maintain

5 Days Extra Casual Leave :

The state government recently extended the benefit of five (5) extra days of casual leave to all female employees, in addition to their existing casual leave and optional holidays.

Availing procedure

  1. By taking prior permission
  2. In-charge arrangement should be made
  3. HODs should intimate to the concerned Dept. in Govt.
  4. Can be availed in combination with OH, PH & CCL
  5. Cannot be availed in combination with other leave, vacation & joining time.
  6. 1⁄2 day CL may be availed from 10.30 am to 1.30 pm (or) from 2.00 pm to 5.00 pm.
  7. For temp. employees, sanction depends on discretion of sanctioning authority based on the length of service.
  8. For every 3 late attendances – 1 CL will be deducted. If the CL account exhausted, debited from the next year CL account.


  1. Total period of absence from duty should not exceed 10 days.
  2. Frequent availing of CLs / Holidays by an individual should be avoided.
  3. Balance will not be carry forwarded to the next calendar year

Sanctioning Authority: Head of Office.

Effect : Treated as duty for all purposes.

Optional Holidays

Government employees can avail a maximum of 5 days of overtime per calendar year on festival occasions notified by the government. Overtime can be combined with casual leave, Sundays, or other authorized public holidays, provided the total period of absence does not exceed 10 days.


  • Earned Leave credit is an advance credit
  • All employees (Temporary / Permanent) are eligible for Earned Leave
  • EL credit will be given for leave periods also, except EOL
  • Leave will be credited in two spells in one calendar year on 1st January and on 1st July
  • The EL credit for temporary employees is 8 days for calendar half year
  • The EL credit for permanent employees is 15 days for calendar half year
  • If an employee joined in the middle of a month that month will not be considered.
  • If an employee joined in the middle of a half year the month joined and previous period in that half year will not be considered.
  • For regular employees EL credit will be given @ 2 1⁄2 days per month.
  • If an employee is on EOL during the preceding half year the advance credit for the present half year will be reduced by 1/10th of the period of EOL taken, subject to a maximum of 15 or 8 days, as the case may be.
  • Maximum limit of accumulation of EL for regular employee is 300 days
  • If an employee is due to retire during a middle of half year, the advance credit will be given for the number of months he is likely to be in service in that half year but not the entire half year.
  • Maximum limit of accumulation of EL for non-regular employee is 30 days
  • Maximum availment of EL for regular employee is 180 days at a time
  • Earned Leave at credit not exceeding 300 days can be encashed, in case of retirement or death.
  • Maximum availment of EL for temporary employee is 30 days

For non-regular employees:

Advance Credit is 8 days for 6 months is as follows:

  • 1st month – 1 day
  • 2nd month – 1 day
  • 3rd month – 2 days
  • 4th month – 1 day
  • 5th month – 1 day
  • 6th month – 2 days
  • Total – 8 days

If the employee joined in the middle of a month that month will not be considered. EL will be calculated for the remaining months in that half year.

Recasting of EL Account : 

  • When a Govt. servant appointed temporarily and service got regularized at a later date with retrospective effect, his EL Account should be recast with effect from the date of regularization of his service.
  • The leave availed between the date from which his services regularized and date of issue of orders shall not be altered as a result of the additional leave that becomes due after recasting the leave account.


  • 7 days Special C.L. for Vacation Department employees
  • Vacation Department means a department where vacation exceeds 15 days, like Colleges and Judiciary etc.
  • Vacation may be availed in combination or in continuation of any other kind of leave.
  • If earned leave is taken in combination of vacation, the total period of leave and vacation should not exceed 180 days.
  • Vacation is treated as duty for all purposes.
  • EL credit for permanent employee in vacation dept. is 3 days in a calendar half year
  • EL credit for temporary employees in vacation dept. is 2 days in a calendar half year
  • If vacation is not availed, by the order of competent authority, additional EL will be credited to the leave account of the employee

Surrender of Earned Leave

  • All regular employees both superior and class IV are eligible to surrender earned leave of 15 days in each financial year and receive cash benefit
  • Non-regular employees are eligible to surrender 15 days of earned leave after completing 24 months of service in the first instance and thereafter 15 days during alternate financial year.
  • Calendar for surrender of EL is dispensed with w.e.f. 01.04.2009 and employees are permitted to surrender EL at any time in the year, after completion of 12 months from last surrender of EL.
  • Employees who have a balance of more than 285 days EL as on 30th June / 31st Dec., they can surrender EL without waiting for completion of 12 months.
  • No deductions will be made in surrender leave salary

Compensatory Holidays

Concept: A Concession to a Govt. Servant in special circumstances to compensate the PH / OH which he has not availed due to called on to duty.


  • Working on a government holiday
  • Attending to duty on an optional holiday already sanctioned 
  • Attending to duty as turn duty

Availing procedure:

  1. By taking prior permission
  2. Can be availed in combination with CL / Holiday
  3. Not more than 10 such holidays in a calendar year
  4. Should be availed within a period of 6 months from the duty attended on a holiday 
  5. Can be availed by prefixing / suffixing


  1. Only 10 compensatory leaves should be availed in a calendar year.
  2. If possible, if the holiday is related to religious purpose the servant belonging to that religion should not be called upon to duty.
  3. Government employees who travel on public holidays for work are not eligible for this concession.

Authority: Annexure XII of A.P. Fundamental &Subsidiary Rules

Admissibility: To all temp. / permanent employees.

Crediting / Accounting: Max. of 7 days or lower no. may be fixed in discretion by Head of Office.

Effect: Treated as duty for all purposes

Half Pay Leave

Crediting : 20 days for completed year. No max limit for accumulation

Availment : 

No max limit. Can be availed on private affairs & medical purposes, can be combined with other leave. Temporary employees avail this after completion of two (sup.) or one (inf.) years of service

Temporary Govt. servants (Emergency) appointed under rule 10(a)(i) are not eligible

Leave Salary:

  • Half Basic Pay + Proportionate D.A., HRA& CCA in full up to 6 months. No compensatory allowances after that.
  • If a Govt. servant suffering from TB/Cancer/Mental illness/Leprosy/Heart disease/Renal failure(kidney), HIV/AIDS, he/ she may avail HPL up to 6 months with full pay. Compensatory allowances will be paid in full up to 8 months.

Leave Encashment : 

Encashment of EL & HPL shall be limited to 300 days. Superannuation pensioner, death cases, invalid pensioners are eligible. Amount will be paid as per formula stipulated in G.O.Ms.No.154, Fin(FRI)Dept.,Dt.04.05.2010


Half Pay admissible on the date of retirement + DA admissible on that date / 30 X No. of days of HPL at credit subject to the total earned and half pay leave at credit not exceeding 300 days.

Commuted Leave


On medical grounds (MC) only Temporary employees after two/one year of service.


240 days in entire service.


Twice the amount of HPL will be deducted.

Leave Salary:

Double the half pay + all allowances in full

Conversion of Commuted leave to HPL:

When a Govt servant intends to resign/retire After availing commuted leave, it should be converted into HPL and HPL salary should be recovered. An undertaking should be taken from employee whenever it is sanctioned (G.O.Ms.No.300, Fin., Dt.18.11.65)

In case of Compulsory Retirement:

In cases Compulsory retirement is implemented due to ill-health or in the public interest or in case of his death before resuming to duty, no refund should be enforced.

Hospital Leave

  • Temporary Govt. servants are not eligible
  • Applicable to certain categories of sub- ordinate service staff and last grade employees who are vested with difficult jobs, such as Constables and Head Constables of Police department and Excise department, Jail Matrons, Duffedars, last grade employees in mental hospitals and last grade employees in Fire services department etc.
  • Up to Six months Hospital leave at a time once in 3 years of service.
  • This leave can be sanctioned when the employee is hospitalized (or) detained in hospital and receiving medical aid as out patient.
  • It is not admissible when the treatment is necessitated by irregular habits of the employee.
  • This leave is also not debitable to any leave account.
  • Leave salary – Half Pay.

Extra Ordinary Leave(EOL)

  • When no other leave is available
  • When leave is available, but the Govt. servant request for grant of EOL, in writing
  • The sanctioning authority can treat the period of absence with out leave as EOL
  • Only permanent employees in superior service are eligible and employees in last grade service are eligible in special circumstances
  • Maximum period of EOL can be given (exclusively EOL or in combination with any other leave) at a time is 5 years.
  • The EOL period will not be counted as qualifying service and no annual Increments during the period.
  • EOL granted on medical certificate counts as qualifying service (counts for increment & pension)
  • HOD can permit EOL on medical certificate for grant of Increment for the period not more than 6 months.
  • In case of EOL on medical certificate exceeding 6 months Govt. is competent for grant of increment.
  • Gazetted Officers are to submit medical certificate from a doctor not below the rank of Civil Surgeon.
  • NGOs and Last Grade employees are to submit medical certificate from any registered medical practitioner.
  • EOL on private affairs – not count for increment. But counts for pension up to 3 years.

EOL for Non Regular employees :

  • For a non regular Government servant EOL shall not exceed 3 months.
  • Up to 6 months on production of medical certificate, if completed 3 years of service.
  • Up to 12 months for treatment of Cancer or Mental illness
  • EOL for treatment of tuberculosis or leprosy can be granted for up to 18 months.
  • Up to 24 months where the leave is required for the purpose of prosecuting studies certified to be in the public interest

Leave Not Due

  • This leave will be considered when half pay leave is not at credit and the debit of this leave will be in the HPL account to be set off against future credit
  • This leave will be sanctioned only on Medical Certificate
  • The maximum limit of Leave not Due that an employee can take in entire service is 180 days only
  • If any employee resigns or retires voluntarily after availing this leave and before adjustment of minus balance, the leave salary paid should be recovered.
  • In case of medical invalidation / death, recovery will not be insisted

Leave Salary : Equal to half pay leave

Leave for Employment Abroad

  • Govt. servant having 5 years regular service is eligible
  • This period will be treated as EOL
  • No Govt. dues should be pending recovery
  • No prosecution should be pending or contemplated in the court of law against the govt. servant
  • The period will not effect the service of the employee (it will not be treated as break in service) and the period will be counted for Pension
  • The period will not be counted for service benefits such as Increments etc.
  • If the absence of the employee exceeds five years he/ she can be terminated from Govt. service

Paternity Leave

  • To be granted to married male permanent or temporary Govt. Employee up to two surviving children.
  • 15 days on full pay
  • Leave sanctioning authority is competent to sanction the leave
  • It can be availed either before 15 days or within six months from the date of delivery of the wife.

Special Casual Leave

Special Casual Leave for Family Planning Operations:

  • Male Govt. employees for Vasectomy Operation – (6 days)
  • Male for Tubectomy of Wife – (7 days)
  • Female Govt. employees for Tubectomy Operation – (14 days)
  • Female – For Salpingectomy after Medical Termination of Pregnancy – (14 days)
  • For Recanalisation Operation (both male & female) – (21 days)

Additional Special Casual Leave beyond the limits can be sanctioned on account of post operation complications subject to production of Medical Certificate.

Special Casual Leave for other purposes:

  • When summoned to serve as junior or assessor to give evidence and to stand as witness in civil and criminal cases – As per the attendance
  • For donating blood – 1day
  • For participating in Sporting events – up to 30 days of National or International level
  • Principal Office Bearers of recognised – up to 21 days Service Associations
  • To participate in Rallies, Camps etc. – up to 10 days organised by Bharat Scouts and Guides
  • For participating in cultural activities – up to 30 days selected by Govt. or cultural associations
  • Participation in conferences, seminars, trainings, and workshops related to disability and development programs – GO 138

Special Disability Leave

  • The sanctioning authority for this leave is Government only
  • This leave will be sanctioned without debit to any leave account
  • To be granted to the person who is disabled by injury in consequence of performance of duty.
  • This leave can be sanctioned for a period not exceeding 24 months for any one disability
  • This leave is granted on Medical Certificate issued by the competent medical authority
  • Both Temporary and Permanent employees are eligible.
  • This leave will be sanctioned without debit to any leave account

Leave salary: Equal to leave on full pay is payable for the first 120 days in respect of permanent employees and 30 days in respect of the temporary employees and half pay for the remaining period.

The disability does not include the disability caused in the road accidents while going to office from residence and vice versa, but includes road accident while proceeding on official duty from office to office, or court or a work spot on the field.

Study leave

  • The study must be relevant to the job requirement of the employee
  • This leave should not exceed 2 years in entire service.
  • Govt. servant less than 5 years of service and due to retire within 3 years are not eligible.
  • This leave is sanctioned without debit to any leave account
  • EOL may be taken in conjunction of this leave
  • Leave salary – Equal to half pay leave Half pay + DA corresponding to half pay + other compensatory allowances corresponding to full pay (first six months)

Special Leave for Hysterectomy Operation

  • To undergo hysterectomy operation for female Govt. servant and hospitalization
  • Period: 45 days
  • Temp./Permanent employees
  • On production of MC from Civil Surgeon\
  • Counts for increment, pension
  • Salary on full pay
  • Sanctioning Authority: H.O.O./ as delegated.

Child Care Leave

  • To be granted to women employees of the State Govt. to look after two eldest children up to the age of 18 years (22 years in case of disabled children)
  • For a period of (3) months, not exceeding 15 days in any spell, not less than 6 spells, in entire service
  • Permitted only if the child is dependent on and residing with the Govt Servant.
  • Shall be paid leave salary equal to the pay drawn immediately before proceeding on leave.
  • Combined with leave of any kind due and admissible, except LTC.
  • Admissible during the period of probation also. However, the period of probation shall be extended to that extent.

Maternity leave

  • This leave is admissible to married women employees for a period not exceeding 180 days
  • Maternity leave is sanctioned to a female government employee up to two children only
  • This leave can be combined with other kinds of leave
  • This leave is also not debitable to any leave account
  • The non-permanent/ temporary employees are also eligible
  • In Vacation departments, if maternity leave falls during vacation, the leave and vacation put together should not exceed 180 days.

Leave salary: Equal to full pay drawn before proceeding on leave

Miscarriage/Abortion Leave

  • Leave granted to female Govt. servant to take hospitalization for miscarriage / abortion.
  • Maximum of 6 weeks.
  • Temp./Permanent employees
  • On production of MC from Registered Medical Practitioner
  • Counts for increments and pension
  • Salary on full pay
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