haj registration online application form 2023

haj registration online application form

The Hajj is both a physical and spiritual journey that requires those who undertake it to be in the right state of mind and body. Only Saudi nationals or individuals with a pilgrimage visa are eligible to participate in the Hajj. As one of the five religious obligations in Islam, the Hajj is a significant event for Muslims.

The registration for Hajj 2023 has commenced, and those interested in participating in this meaningful journey can visit the official website, hajcommittee.gov.in, to register

Hajj Cost From India 2023

The expense of performing Hajj from India in 2023 can vary depending on several factors such as the package chosen, the timing of booking, and the exchange rate between the Indian rupee and the Saudi riyal. The cost typically covers transportation, food, lodging, and other necessary expenses. To get the most up-to-date and precise information on the cost of Hajj from India in 2023, it is advisable to consult a travel agency or the Hajj committee.

Once in a lifetime, Haj through HCoI

Those who have performed Haj earlier through HCoI will not be eligible to apply.

In the case of “Mehram” for lady pilgrims and of companions accompanying pilgrims over 70 years of age, repeaters will be allowed on payment of additional charges as applicable from time to time.

A lady pilgrim and 70+ pilgrims utilizing the service of a repeater as “Mehrarn” must give a solemn declaration and undertaking to the effect that no first time “Mehram” is available in the family. The 7O+ pilgrim also must give a similer solemn declaration and undertaking in support of his/ her accompanying pilgrim.

Eligibility for Haj.

As per general Saudi guidelines on eligibility to perform Haj or Umrah, Haj pilgrim should be fit in various aspects: financial, physical, behavioral, and mental. As such, any Muslim citizen of India can apply for Haj pilgrimage except:

  1. Persons not in possession of machine-readable, valid Indian international passports as per HCoI guidelines.
  2. Ban on Repeaters: A person who has performed Haj earlier in his life through HCoI except for permitted categories of Mehrams and those accompanying a 70+ pilgrim on thc basis of an appropriate solemn declaration and undertaking.
  3. Any person found to have furnished false information shall not be allowed to proceed for Haj. In such cases, he/ she will be
    disqualified at any stage and de-boarded even at the embarkation point. The entire amount deposited by him/her shall also be forfeited. Besides, he/ shc may be prosecuted for making an incorrect/ false declaration. These restrictions will also apply for concealing thc fact of having performed Ilaj car lier as well as for Haj-e-Badal pilgrims.
  4. Those with severe medical conditions such as tcrminal cancers, advanced cardiac, respiratory, liver, or kidney diseases; infectious
    tuberculosis disease, or senility.
  5. Ladies not accompanied by Sharia Mehram, except ladies covered at Sr.No.5.
  6. Ladies in the advanced stage of pregnancy: In the case of pregnant women in the advanced stages of pregnancy, international flying standards will be followed.
  7. Any person against whom a court order prohibiting travel abroad exists.
  8. Consent of parents / legal guardian is mandatory for undertaking Haj by any applicant below the age of 18 years

Cover Size

The size Of the Cover shall bc minimum 1 (one) and Maximum 4 (four) Adults + 2 (two) Infants. (If the number of family members
exceeds four, applications should be made in more than one cover).


  • ‘Infants’ are those applicants who would have completed 2 years of age by the date of arrival of the last return Haj charter flight, which will be specified by HCoI. Infant travel is not free of cost and they will be charged 10% of the full airfare (decided by Ministry of Civil Aviation), which will be communicated in due course.
  • An Applicant above 2 years of age will be charged as an adult pilgrim and full amount of airfare and Haj Amount has to be paid by them accordingly.
A maximum number of Four (4) applicants comprising the family members or near relatives can apply in a single cover. The head of
the cover shall be responsible for payment for the persons included in the cover. Under no circumstances, persons other than family and near relatives should be included in the cover. It is in the interest of pilgrims to ensure that only family members having blood relation or near relatives are included in the cover. The accommodation status in respect of all pilgrims under one cover should be the same. In no case a cover shall be split. In case a few pilgrims under one cover intend to prepone/ postpone the date of flight it would not be permitted. The pilgrims of the Cover will travel together and stay together. If the head of cover himself cancels his application for Haj pilgrimage, he should indicate the name of another person from amongst the male Members of such cover, as
the head of the particular cover. If a male applicant, who is Mehram of the female applicant of cover, cancels his application for Haj
pilgrimage, he must indicate the name of the other applicant from among the male Members of the cover as “Mehram” along with his relation with the female applicant(s) of that cover. Otherwise application(s) of the female applicant(s) shall also be treated as cancelled. Change of Mehram is allowed only in specific cases on account of death/ medical grounds.

Solemn declaration and undertaking

In view of the “once in a life time Haj through HCoI” policy, all general category pilgrims shall submit a solemn declaration and
undertaking in the given format. Solemn declaration and undertaking should be in English only. If the solemn declaration and
undertaking is not enclosed or found incomplete or not in the format given, Haj Application shall be summarily rejected.

For applicants above 70 years of age

The applications received in 70+ age category are given top priority allocation of seats for that State/ UT. However, in case more Haj
applications are received in 70+ age category than the allotted quota for state/ UT, a draw of lots will be conducted among the 70+ age category applicants as explained in point 11 of the policy. This is to enable and facilitate assured scats to elderly and aged senior citizens desirous of performing Haj pilgrimage. Applicants in 70+ age category shall submit: a solemn declaration and undertaking in the prescribed format. If the solemn declaration and undertaking is not enclosed or found incomplctc or not in thc format given, the Haj application shall be summarily rejected.


Qurrah refers to computerized draw of lots. In the States/ Union Territories where the number of Haj Applications received exceeds
their quota, pilgrims shall be selected provisionally by Qurrah conducted on the Covers. The Qurrah shall be conducted by the respective SIIC on the Integrative Haj Pilgrims Management System (IHPMS) software which is maintained on thc server of HCoI. The date and other details of Qurrah shall be publicized through media by the SHC concerned. Imrnediatcly after Qurrah, the SHC
concerned shall widely publicizc the list of selected pilgrims in local media and shall also intimate the provisionally selected pilgrims of their selection.


As per Saudi Regulations, accommodation has to be arranged for the pilgrims in advance through the Consulate General of India, Jeddah.  The Saudi regulations stipulate that the space entitlement per pilgrim in Makkah accommodation is 4 square meters while in Madinah it is as per the unit’s capacity license (Tashnif/Tashrih) issued by Saudi authorities. In Makkah, there is a uniform category of accommodation. The commute between the accommodation (outside Markazia) and the holy site in Makkah is through bus facility. 

In Madinah, accommodations in Markazia area would be preferably hired for accommodating pilgrims subject to its availability.
Pilgrims who want and are entitled to stay in Rubat will be allowed to stay in Rubat, subject to KSA norms, and no charges for their accommodation will be levied by HCoI, or if charges are levied, they will be refunded to those pilgrims who use Rubat facility.

Vaccination Certificate: Inoculation of Meningitis / Quadruple Inoculation

The Government of India (GoI) and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) sign the Haj Agreement every year, in which the number of Haj seats allocated to India is incorporated. out of the total number of quota allocated to the Government
of India (GoI), 80% will be allocated to the HCoI and the remainin g 20% wlll be allocated to HGOs,

The Haj Application Forms (HAFs) can be obtained from the State/ Union Territory Haj Committee free of cost or can be downloaded from the website of the Haj Committee of India at hajcommittee.gov.in or through the Android Mobile App “HAJ
COMMITTEE OF INDIA” available on play store. Photocopies can also be used.

Ladies above 45 years of age, who wish to go for Haj but do not have a male Mehram and their school of thought (Maslak) permits are allowed to travel in groups of 4 or more ladies. Subject to the terms of KSA, single ladies may also apply, and HCoI
may form a grouping with the ladies who applied under the category. Consulate General of India, Jeddah will also facilitate separate living arrangements for women traveling alone for the Pilgrimage.

While allotting seats of each state, thc order of priority will be:
1) 70+ Category (Age 70+ applicant alongwith companion).
2) Ladies travelling without their Mehrams
3) General Category;

The entire Government discretionary quota stands cancelled from Haj 2023 onwards and will be merged into the general pool forth benefit of the common citizens.

Only cancellations on the grounds of death or serious ailment of the person concerned will be allowed. In case of cancellation on any other ground, specific penalties will be imposed as per guidelines and amendments thereto by HCoI.
The HCol shall make arrangement for refund of amount deposited by applicant preferably within a period of a month.

If the selected pilgrim wants to cancel the journey for any reason, he should submit a cancellation letter to the concerned State Haj Committee/ UT Haj Committee. If the applicant fails to submit either a passport or payment or both within the due date, the selection of the pilgrim will be summarily cancelled.

All provisionally selected pilgrims will be allotted a unique bank reference Number, which must be quoted compulsorily for
depositing advance and balance Haj amounts in the State Bank of India through the core banking system.

Every selected pilgrim shall obtain a Health and Training (HAT) Card and Haj Guide from the State Haj Committee/ Union Territory Haj Committee upon submission of a passport and pay-in-slip for the advance Haj amount.

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