AP Panchayat Raj Portal Online payment Login

You can access the AP Panchayat Raj portal for online payment login by visiting the official website of the Commissioner, Panchayat Raj.

The website provides information about the powers and duties of the Commissioner under the A.P.P.R. Act, 1994. You can find more details and access the portal at this link.

Please note that there is also a separate Digital Panchayat portal and an online payment portal for Commissioner and Director of Municipal Administration.

If you are looking for information related to digital panchayats at the national level, you can visit the National Panchayat Portal4.

AP PR Web Portal

  • NOC
  • Transfer of Funds to Treasury
  • User Management
  • MIS Reports

Mobile Application

  • Miscellaneous Payments using Static QR
  • House Tax Current and Arrear Payments using Static QR
  • Electricity Monitoring System

PoS Machine

  • Miscellaneous Payments
  • House Tax Current and Arrear Payments

User Management

  • Tagging of District Level DPOs in State Login
  • Tag Mandal Level (EO(PRRD), Deputy Tahsildar, and Tahsildar) Employees in DPO Login
  • Tag Panchayat Level (VRO, Panchayat Secretary) Employees in EO(PR &RD) Login
  • Un-tagging of Employees

NOC for Small & Medium Scale Industries

  • Submit NOC Applications
  • Review NOC Requests and Fee Details
  • View Field Verification Details
  • Pay NOC Fees through CFMS Payment Gateway

Electricity Monitoring System

  • Add New Service Connections
  • Add Pole Information
  • Capture Monthly Meter Readings


AP PR Land Records Management Process

  1. Data Uploading and Freezing

    • Private Property Owners Photo Upload
    • Freezing of Village
  2. Record of Rights (ROR)

    • Publishing of Draft ROR
    • PPN Confirmation by VRO
    • PPN Confirmation by Deputy Tahsildar
  3. Mutation

    • PPN Confirmation by Tahsildar
    • PPN eKYC Verification
    • Publishing of Final ROR
  4. Mutation Request from Owner

    • A Mutation Request in Digital Assistant Login
    • Mutation Proceedings by Digital Assistant
    • Generation of Form 8 by Tahsildar
    • Issue of Form 8 Notice and Confirmation by VRO
    • Final Confirmation by Tahsildar

House Tax and Miscellaneous Payments

  • House Tax (Current Year)
  • Auctions
  • House Tax (Arrears)
  • Cell Towers
  • Certificates
  • Donations
  • Fines and Penalties
  • Garbage Fee
  • Other Deposits
  • Others (please specify)
  • Private Tap
  • RTI Document Fee
  • Water Supply Tanker


  1. వివాహ రిజిస్ట్రేషన్ మరియు ద్రువపత్రము జారి
  2. ఆస్తి విలువ ద్రువపత్రము
  3. ఆస్తి బదలాయింపు మార్పుల ద్రువపత్రము
  4. మంచి నీటి కుళాయి మంజూరు
  5. పరిశ్రమల స్థాపనకు నిరభ్యంతర ద్రువపత్రము
  6. భవన నిర్మాణ అనుమతి మంజూరు
  7. లేఔట్ లు వేయుటకు అనుమతి మంజూరు
  8. జనన మరణాల రిజిస్ట్రేషన్లు
  9. ఇంటి పన్ను చెల్లింపు
  10. వ్యాపారం కొరకు లైసెన్సు లు మంజూరు
  11. జాతీయ ఉపాధి హామీ పధకం జాబ్ కార్డ్ మంజూరు
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