Telangana Cheyutha Pension Application Status

Telangana Cheyutha Pension New Scheme 2024

The Telangana Cheyutha Pension scheme is a social welfare program launched by the Telangana government in India to provide financial assistance to the state’s underprivileged elderly population.

Telangana Cheyutha Pension Scheme 2024

The Telangana Cheyutha Pension Scheme 2024, unveiled by Rahul Gandhi at the Telangana Jana Garjana gathering in Khammam, is indeed an interesting development in the state’s political landscape

Key Points

  • Promise: To provide a monthly pension of Rs. 4,000 to eligible beneficiaries, including beedi workers, widows, disabled individuals, handloom workers, and other groups.
  • Increase from Current Scheme: This is a significant increase from the current Aasara Pension scheme, which provides Rs. 2,016 per month.
  • Payment Method: The pension amount will be directly transferred to beneficiaries’ bank accounts through DBT.

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Be a resident of Telangana State: You must be a permanent resident of Telangana State to be eligible for the scheme.

  2. Belong to one of the eligible beneficiary groups: The scheme is currently available to the following groups:

    • Widows
    • Beedi workers
    • Disabled individuals
    • Handloom workers
    • Old age persons
  3. Have a bank account linked with Aadhaar: Your bank account must be linked with your Aadhaar card to receive the pension amount.

Required Documents

  • Proof of Age :-
    • Birth Certificate.
    • Voter ID.
    • Medical Certificate.
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Food Security Card/ Ration Card.
  • Mobile Number.
  • Bank Account Details.
  • Passport Size Photo.
  • Documents Required for Specific Categories (if applicable)

    • SADAREM/ Disability Certificate. (For Disable Applicant).
    • Husband Aadhar Card and Death Certificate. (For Widow Applicant).
    • Unmarried Affidavit. (For Single Women).
    • Handloom Worker Card.
    • EPF Enrolment Card. (For Beedi Workers).
    • Proof of Stone Cutter Worker. (For Stone Cutter)
    • Medical Certificate of HIV-AIDS Applicant.
    • Medical Certificate of Filaria/ Dialysis Applicant.


  • Widow Women
  • Single Women
  • Old Age/ Elderly
  • Disabled Individuals
  • Beedi Workers
  • Stone Cutters
  • Handloom Weavers
  • Dialysis/Pylaria Patients
  • AIDS Patients

Applying for the Telangana Cheyutha Pension Scheme

Hold tight! While the official website is still under construction, the government expects to unveil it soon. Stay tuned for updates!

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