New DD Free Dish TV Channels List in India

DD Free Dish Tv New Channels List in india 2024

The DD Free Dish TV service in India offers a variety of channels. The complete list of channels is regularly updated and includes MPEG-2/MP-2 SD channels, HD channels, and channels by package.

DD Free Dish has been a game-changer since its inception, offering countless families access to quality entertainment and information without hefty subscription fees. With its affordable set-top box and dish antenna, it’s democratized entertainment for millions across the country.

Entertainment Channels:

  • Hindi Movie: Dangal TV HD, Shemaroo TV HD, Sony Pal HD, Star Utsav Movies HD, DD National HD, DD Bharati HD
  • General Entertainment: Big Magic HD, ABZY Cool HD, DD Kisan HD, DD India HD
  • Other: Discovery JEET, Sony AATH, MGM HD, Sony PIX HD, Sony SAB HD, Zee Anmol HD

News Channels:

  • National: ABP News HD, News 18 India HD, India TV HD, Sansad TV HD, DD News HD, DD India HD
  • Regional: Aaj Tak HD, News24 Rajasthan HD, TV9 Bharatvarsh HD, Zee News Marathi HD, Sun News HD, News18 Kannada HD

Sports Channels:

  • DD Sports HD

Devotional Channels:

  • Sanskar TV HD, Aastha Bhajan HD, DD Kisan HD, DD National HD, DD Bharati HD

Music Channels:

  • DD National HD, DD Bharati HD, DD India HD, Sony MIX HD, PTC Punjabi HD, Music India HD

Regional Channels:

  • DD Kisan HD, DD Bharati HD, DD National HD, ETV Marathi HD, Sun News HD, News18 Kannada HD, Zee Keralam HD, Zee Tamil HD, Zee Telugu HD

Educational Channels:

  • DD Gyan Darshan HD, DD India HD, Rajya Sabha TV HD

National Channels

  • DD Bharati: Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Indian art and culture with this state-owned channel.
  • DD India: Explore the world through the lens of India with this international channel.
  • DD Kisan: Learn and grow with this dedicated channel offering agricultural education and information.
  • DD National: Sit back and enjoy a mix of entertainment, from classic shows to new productions.
  • DD News: Stay informed with the latest news and current affairs on this dedicated channel.
  • DD Retro: Relive the golden era of Indian television with re-runs of popular classic shows.
  • DD Sports: Get your adrenaline pumping with a variety of sports coverage and action.
  • DD Urdu: Dive into the world of Urdu language infotainment with this dedicated channel.
  • DD Free Dish Home Channel: Discover all that DD Free Dish has to offer with this informative channel.

Doordarshan's regional channels

Southern Delights:

  • DD Podhigai: Immerse yourself in the vibrant Tamil language and culture of Tamil Nadu.
  • DD Kerala: Discover the beauty of the Malayalam language and culture of Kerala.
  • DD Odia: Immerse yourself in the rich Odia language and culture of Odisha.

Eastern Charm:

  • DD Assam: Experience the vibrant Assamese language and culture.
  • DD Tripura: Connect with the Bengali and Kokborok languages and cultures of Tripura.

Western Tapestry:

  • DD Gujarat: Celebrate the Gujarati language and culture with DD Girnar.
  • DD Maharashtra: Embrace the beauty of the Marathi language and culture with DD Sahyadri.

Northern Gems:

  • DD Punjab: Immerse yourself in the Punjabi language and culture.
  • DD Uttar Pradesh: Stay informed and entertained with this Hindi channel.
  • DD Uttarakhand: Explore the unique Garhwali, Kumaoni, and Hindi cultures.

Central Connections:

  • DD Madhya Pradesh: Immerse yourself in the vibrant Hindi language and culture.
  • DD Chhattisgarh: Connect with the rich Hindi language and culture.
  • DD Jharkhand: Experience the vibrant Hindi language and culture.

Beyond Borders:

  • DD Arunachal Pradesh: Stay informed and entertained with this Hindi and English channel.
  • DD Bihar: Connect with the rich Hindi and Bihari languages and cultures.
  • DD Jammu & Kashmir: Discover the unique Kashmiri and Urdu languages and cultures.

DD Free Dish Regional channels in MPEG-4 format

  • DD Goa: Immerse yourself in the vibrant Konkani language and culture of Goa with this channel.
  • DD Haryana: Connect with the rich Hindi and Haryanvi languages and cultures of Haryana with this channel.
  • DD Himachal Pradesh: Experience the beauty of the Hindi language and culture of Himachal Pradesh with this channel.
  • DD Manipur: Discover the unique Manipuri language and culture of Manipur with this channel.
  • DD Meghalaya: Explore the Khasi and Garo languages and cultures of Meghalaya with this channel.
  • DD Mizoram: Immerse yourself in the vibrant Mizo language and culture of Mizoram with this channel.
  • DD Nagaland: Stay informed and entertained with this English channel serving Nagaland.

World of Hindi Entertainment with DD Free Dish

  • Abzy Cool: Get your daily dose of laughter with comedy shows and lighthearted entertainment.
  • Big Magic: Enjoy a mix of comedy, reality shows, and family-friendly content.
  • Dangal: Immerse yourself in thrilling dramas and action-packed shows.
  • Dangal 2: Explore a wider range of entertainment with this sister channel to Dangal.
  • Enterr10: Discover a variety of shows, from comedy and drama to reality and game shows.
  • Ishara TV: Tune in for devotional music, spiritual discourses, and cultural programs.
  • Manoranjan Grand: Sit back and relax with classic Bollywood movies and nostalgic shows.
  • Nazara: Delve into the world of Bollywood music and dance with music videos and celebrity shows.
  • Shemaroo TV: Enjoy a diverse mix of classic Bollywood movies, TV shows, and music content.
  • Shemaroo Umang: Immerse yourself in devotional music, bhajans, and spiritual programs.
  • Q TV: Discover a variety of shows, focusing on lifestyle, entertainment, and inspirational content.
  • BTV: Explore a unique blend of Indian and international content, including movies, dramas, and documentaries.

DD Free Dish Kids' Channels

  • Unique TV
  • Chumbak TV

Sports Channels

  • Sports18 Khel

DD Free Dish's Hindi Music Channels

  • 9XM: Hit the dance floor with the latest Bollywood chartbusters and chart-topping music videos.
  • B4U Music: Explore a wider range of music, from Bollywood hits to regional favorites and independent artists.
  • Mastiii: Get your groove on with peppy Bollywood tunes, dance remixes, and party anthems.
  • MTV Beats: Immerse yourself in the youthful energy of Bollywood music, pop hits, and trending tracks.
  • ShowBox: Discover a mix of Bollywood classics, regional favorites, and devotional music.
  • Zing: Enjoy a vibrant blend of Bollywood music, pop hits, and music videos featuring your favorite stars.

Hindi Cinema with DD Free Dish

Action & Thrill:

  • B4U Kadak: Get your adrenaline pumping with action-packed blockbusters and edge-of-your-seat thrillers.
  • Dhamaka Movies B4U: Experience explosive action sequences and high-octane drama.
  • Star Gold Thrills: Witness heart-stopping chases, heroic battles, and nail-biting suspense.

Comedy & Romance:

  • Colors Cineplex Bollywood: Laugh out loud with lighthearted comedies and heartwarming romances.
  • Colors Cineplex Superhits: Relive classic Bollywood rom-coms and feel-good comedies.
  • Goldmines Bollywood: Enjoy timeless comedic gems and unforgettable romantic stories.
  • Star Utsav Movies: Immerse yourself in a world of laughter, love, and family-friendly fun.

Classics & Dramas:

  • Manoranjan TV: Journey through the golden age of Bollywood with iconic classics and nostalgic favorites.
  • Movie Plus: Discover a treasure trove of award-winning dramas and critically acclaimed films.
  • Sony Wah: Dive into the rich history of Bollywood with legendary films and acclaimed actors.
  • Zee Anmol Cinema: Experience the timeless charm of classic Bollywood dramas and meaningful stories.

Variety & More:

  • Abzy Movies: Explore a diverse range of movies, from independent gems to mainstream hits.
  • B4U Movies: Discover a wide selection of Bollywood films across various genres.
  • Dhinchaak: Enjoy a unique blend of Bollywood masala movies and independent cinema.
  • Goldmines Movies: Immerse yourself in a world of regional Indian cinema and hidden cinematic gems.

Hindi News Channels

  • Aaj Tak
  • ABP News
  • Bharat24
  • Good News Today
  • India TV
  • NDTV India
  • News Nation
  • News18 India
  • Republic Bharat
  • Times Now Navbharat
  • TV9 Bharatvarsh
  • Zee News

Devotional Channels

  • Aastha
  • Sanskar

Regional Content


  • Popular TV: Enjoy a mix of entertainment, news, and current affairs programming in Assamese.


  • B4U Bhojpuri: Immerse yourself in the world of Bhojpuri cinema with popular movies and music.
  • Bhojpuri Cinema: Discover a wide selection of Bhojpuri movies, from classics to recent blockbusters.
  • Filamchi Bhojpuri: Tune in for a mix of Bhojpuri movies, music, and entertainment shows.
  • Manoranjan Prime: Enjoy a variety of Bhojpuri movies, including action, comedy, romance, and drama.
  • Zee Biskope: Watch popular Bhojpuri movies and music videos on this dedicated channel.
  • Zee Ganga: Experience a mix of Bhojpuri entertainment, news, and current affairs programming.


  • Fakt Marathi: Enjoy a variety of Marathi entertainment shows, including dramas, comedies, and reality shows.
  • Shemaroo Marathibana: Discover a treasure trove of Marathi movies, from classics to recent releases.
  • Sun Marathi: Immerse yourself in the world of Marathi entertainment with popular shows and movies.
  • Zee Chitramandir: Watch popular Marathi movies and music videos on this dedicated channel.


  • Manoranjan Movies: Enjoy a variety of Punjabi movies, including action, comedy, romance, and drama.
  • Zee Punjabi: Experience a mix of Punjabi entertainment, news, and current affairs programming.

Private Channels (MPEG-4)


  • Aastha Bhajan: Immerse yourself in the world of bhajans and spiritual discourses in Hindi.
  • Aastha Gujarati: Connect with your inner self through bhajans and spiritual discourses in Gujarati.
  • Vedic: Experience the peace and tranquility of Vedic chants and mantras in Hindi.


  • Bansal News: Stay informed with breaking news and current affairs in Hindi.
  • News18 UP/UK: Get the latest news and updates from Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand in Hindi.
  • News State UP/UK: Stay up-to-date with local news and events from Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand in Hindi.
  • Sudarshan News: Watch in-depth analysis and opinionated discussions on current affairs in Hindi.
  • Swadesh News: Get a national perspective on news and current affairs in Hindi.


  • BTV World: Enjoy a variety of Bangladeshi programming, including news, dramas, and entertainment shows.
  • Chardikla Time TV: Immerse yourself in the world of Punjabi entertainment with news, music, and comedy shows.
  • KBS World: Discover the best of Korean entertainment, including dramas, variety shows, and music videos.
  • MH One Dil Se: Enjoy a mix of Hindi movies, music, and entertainment shows.
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